Quality of Life Update

Our first minor update has hit the server! Today we added two new features and started development on a new one that I will discuss towards the end of this post.

Skip Night Time

Players can now choose to skip the night as long as 25% of the server sleeps. This will be very beneficial to those who play during the busier times of the day. Hopefully you all can get a break from the phantoms at some point lol.

Kit Claim

We have added a /kit claim which is redeemable approx. every 5 minutes. This is for those that lose there golden shovel at the start. I personally lost mine and it was a pain in the butt. I figured we better add this before people start getting griefed.

Giving Claim Blocks (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Currently I’m working on finding a way for players to essentially share claim blocks with those they want to. Ultimately I think this would be the best solution for town management as it would allow 1 person to claim the entire town. This has become a tricky task but I will continue to look into it.