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    Username: MarieFromThere, my nick is Marie on all Servers even though i should change it to Maria to make it easier for ergo (ly <3)
    Gender: Female
    Age: I am sweet 17 years old
    Country: Germany
    Time zone: UTC+1

    Building style: Off tbh that changes with every build, I´m in love with the asian build style but most of my personal builds are medieval/fairy-ish i guess xD

    How you spend your time on Corbacraft:most of the time i just sit at spawn and read the chat and staff(like batman ;p) i also build for myself sometimes or help others to build bases if no one else answers them

    Long-term goals: I want to study informatics at some point, move together with my BF, get myself a horse again and learn how to cook without burning myself xD

    Short-term Goals: I am learning dutch step by step, i´ll graduate around this time next year and hopefully i´ll be able to rise up in the teams on CC

    Favorite Color: deeply in love with purple

    Favorite food: Broccoli... jk i like it but its now really my fav food. I´d say Sushi

    School: don´t laugh at me... a Catholic-Private-School for girls (that wasn´t my idea), 11th grade one more year to go!!

    Outisde of Corba?: my very very favorite game is Don´t Starve Together (feel free to msg me if you play it too), i also like Sims4, its really relaxing to have control of my sims live. I started playing the ukulele a few months ago so thats a thing i do outside of cc i guess xD... tbh if i´m not playing one of these games i´m doing stuff for cc. + @Kristof8811 and i skype 24/7

    Fun fact: I´m so affraid of heights, Kris once moved his webcam to a higher place so i was basically looking down on him and i felt like i kad to throw up till he moved it back (worst 30 minutes of my life ;p)

    I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions just pm me or comment under my Profile <3
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