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    I don't like to be exposed. I feel like this new application, though, requires some explanation. I wasn't sure I'd be able to help the way I want by being staff and being a simple player seemed to offer more freedom. Hence why I withdrew. I can't help but want to contribute to the server though, and discussing with Pack convinced me that I'd be able to offer more being on the team than outside of it. So, this is my renewed application, updated and more detailed. Hope you're not too bothered with my hesitation and can understand why I could be reluctant while still wanting to give more to Corbacraft.

    What is your ingame username, and nickname? Azeriel / Az
    What position are you applying for? T-Helper
    What server are you applying for? Corbacraft
    What timezone do you live and/or work in? Paris
    Can you use Slack? Yes.
    Can you use TeamSpeak? Yes.
    Can you use Discord? Yes.
    How much money have you donated to the server? I bought supporter and other stuff.
    How long have you been on Corbacraft? Since April 2018.
    How often are you online on Corbacraft? Everyday.
    Have you ever been jailed, muted, or banned? If so, why? No.
    Please include a link to your liteban page :

    What reasons do you have for applying to become a staff member? What can you contribute to the team that you can’t as a player?

    Many reasons, many things. I am involved in Corba on a daily basis, I know its players in particular and its community in general. I want to help make Corbacraft a better, friendlier and warmer place for the players. I already try my best to do it as a simple player. I want to join the team to get involved with staff also, and to offer players more than I can do for them as a peer. I am not applying to punish but to protect, and to feel I'm doing the best I can to give back to this community. I want to continue making small contests, towns, give players access to mob farms, food or books when they need it, but I also want to be part of the team and have a chance to make more when it's needed. I feel like I am good material for staff because I care about the players and their enjoyment as I do my own, and want for everyone to have a good time.
    Part of the team, I'll be able to enforce rules when needed and rollback places, and actually do something for the problems players face everyday. But I'll also be able to provide the security of a present and friendly staff member available on Discord calls. I write properly and really care for the well-being of the community.

    Do you get along with all players and staff? If not, why? I get along with most of the community. I don't like hypocrisy and have had some problem with a player in particular but just ended up ignoring him. I only use /ignore when things are irreconciliable because I believe in not leaving someone alone or out of the community when it isn't absolutely needed for one's own sake.

    Have you ever been (or are currently) a staff on another server? I administrated a small server of friends for a few years, and I've been the manager of the largest french online roleplaying community for four years. (Over 300 persons on a daily basis, I administrated the forum and took care of the problems of the players when they needed someone to decide.) I am accustomed to the urgency of some matters and the stress it can provoke as well as the time staff requires.

    Do you hold any other position on our server or another server (such as builder)? I'm a builder.

    If yes to above, how will you time manage so one doesn't affect the other?
    I have enough time for both. My priority is the community and I believe that building for the server is another way of helping it. The priority will go to the most urgent for players. Besides, having only one server will make things easier.

    What is your rank on all of the servers? Supporter.

    What is your real age? Over twenty.

    What would you consider to be your “mental age”? Sometimes fourteen with a pinch of english cold humour, even though I'm french and way over that.

    What is your average WPM? 55.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? A long time.

    What are some examples of you helping in the CC community? I am there for players, answering questions and relaying calls for help to staff when needed. I wrote guides and organized contests just for the fun of it, organized a town twice and in the first made the largest place to find shops so we could all play. I am implicated in Corba's everyday life and care for all players best I can, trying to make their time here enjoyable at the best. If I can give something, I do it, if I can help a new player settle I do it. I sometimes build for others when they need help, lend materials or mob farms. I share my time and my resources with the players because that's the way I like to play and live. This means that I also like to share cheerfulness, as shown when I opened the Christmas town in /snowland : giving an opportunity to all to gather and give gifts to each others seemed nice to me, so I did it.

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