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    Stuck in Jail
    If you've been disciplined in a way that has landed you in jail and you are having an issue with your jail not expiring after the set time, make a post here!

    Information to include:
    -Server you were jailed on
    -The date and time you were jailed:
    -Next available time you can be online, or if you are still online so staff can take care of the issue:

    Things to take note of include:

    - Temporary jails cannot be appealed.
    This board is not a place to appeal your jail or report a staff member for abuse, it is only for users who are trapped in jail past their time.
    - Stay online. Players who go offline and stay offline while a jail is set to release them will result in the jail not being able to release them.
    - Be honest. If you lie about having served that four hour jail, after being jailed for only three minutes, it ain't gonna fly.
    Staff can't be on 24/7, so you may have to wait a bit. Refrain from making multiple posts or threads about the same jail, and be patient.
    Use the time to think of ways that you can avoid situations like these in the future. Going offline to avoid punishment is never worth it since it adds multiple hours to your jail, so don't punish yourself.
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