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Discussion in 'Rank Suggestions' started by Alice, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Our server provides both in-game ranks as well as donator ranks.

    Our current donator ranks are: MVP ($10), Groovy ($20), Devine ($50), Corba ($100), Supporter ($500)

    All of these are compliant with the new EULA guidelines.

    However, if you wish to see something added to our ranks that is purely cosmetic, feel free to fill out the format below and we'll get back to you.

    Please be aware that the EULA guidelines must be followed. [The guidelines + my notes are listed by clicking the EULA guidelines above]

    Your ingame-name:
    What ranks you wish to alter (donator or in-game)?
    What server would this be on? (Survival, Ultimus)
    What would you like added or change to the ranks?
    Is this EULA compliant?
    Would anything needed to be added in order for it to work?
    Any additional info:
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