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  1. Alice [?]

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    We are proud to release our official discord. The discord admins are @gamergirlxo [Gigi] and @Alice [707].

    Click here to be invited.

    However, there are a few things to take into consideration before you join.

    [1] No talk of controversial topics, hacks, debating, or arguing.
    [2] No advertising for other servers or Discord chats.
    [3] Swearing is allowed, but don't be overly vulgar.
    [4] Keep NSFW talk confined to private message. Failure to do this will result in you being kicked from the Discord.
    [5] If you have an in-game issue such as a grief or a player causing trouble in the chat, file a report on the forum as this is more reliable, as staff on Discord are rarely available to hop online and deal with in-game problems.
    [6] Keep commands relating to bots in their specific channel or in the commands channel.
    [7] Be respectful of rules, staff, and other players.
    [8] Don't be a troll.
    [9] If you are banned from server (perm only), you will be banned from discord. You cannot rejoin (or join if banned) until your ban has been appealed and approved. If you have been kicked or banned, please do so with this format.

    For those that were part of Red Dragon's unofficial discord or our old one, this official discord will be a lot stricter (or the same if you were part of our old official one).
    You are given one warning if you break any above rules. The 2nd time, you will be kicked from discord. If you re-join without consulting a staff member (particularly Alice or Gigi), you will be banned.

    Also, want to re-iterate: Discord is NOT to be used to contact staff. If you are having a problem, please make a report on the forum. I always check at least 4 times a day on forums (when I wake up, during work lunch, after work, before I go to bed) so I will see the report. If it's something immediate, such as a hacker or advertise spam, you are free to pm an online discord staff member and they will notify an available staff on slack. However, please do not spam discord trying to get staff online for something.

    One last thing: Any type of trolly behavior and/or arguing behavior will be utilized to determine maturity for applications as well as any harassment towards an individual. This is an official means of communication, just like our forums is. It not only breaks the rules listed above, but also showcases how you react with other people beyond just in-game.

    If you have any questions, you are free to PM me on forums or ask in discord.
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    wherever Taylor Swift is
    We hope you all enjoy this new and improved Discord. It's unfortunate of the reasonings behind creating a new one but "fight fire with fire" right? Or...some cheesy quote. Alice pretty much summed up all the important things you need to know.

    If you have any suggestions, please let us know. With that said though, this version of the Discord will be a bit more simplified, more organized and cleaner so we may be a bit more strict on the suggestions and whether they will be implemented or not. However, we're still open to hearing them and discussing them.
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