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    KitPvP Rules

    Our KitPvP server is a PvP server that utilizes special made kits. These kits come with certain perks, such as archer [a bow and arrow as main weapon], Viking [utilize an ax instead of a sword], and ninja [infinite speed].

    While you play on this amazing server, these are just a few rules for you to follow:

    1. No hacking/hackusation
    Do not use hacks. KitPvP already implements a special mod aka kit for each fighting scenario and using any type of hacks to enhance the play through is not allowed. It's also unfair to other players who wish to enjoy the game fairly. Some hacks [that are known] that shouldn't be used are: mouse alterations/mods, kill aura, and fly hacks.

    Also, do not accuse someone of hacking without any evidence to back the claim up. If you feel someone is hacking, either take screenshot proof and/or video of the game play and make a report about it in Report a Player section of the forums.

    2. No combat logging
    Combat logging is when you're in the middle of pvp and then either leave the server/arena, then immediately come back into the arena in order to not die. This hurts you more than helps you because then you can never successfully kill another player and ultimately never getting enough coins to unlock any other kits.

    3. No swearing
    Yes, being killed 20 times in a row is frustrating. But you do not have to say every curse word in the dictionary to express your anger. As the rules of our survival server, do not swear and/or censor words. You are free to abbreviate any curses, like "WTF".

    4. No teaming
    Teaming is when you agree with one or more parties to work as a team in order to gang up on an individual or individuals. This rule is the hardest to implement and manage because some players will work with their friends in order to kill other players. If you feel you are being teamed, please make a report on the forums.

    5. No camping at spawn and/or trees.
    Do not camp at spawn. Once you have selected your kit, leave the spawn area in order to engage in combat. Camping at spawn will not advance you in the long run. The same goes for camping on any terrain underneath spawn. While it may seem an advantage for kits such as archer, you are a sitting target for anybody who lands on the same area.

    6. All chat rules still apply.
    All chat rules that are implemented on our survival servers applies on kitpvp as well. This includes, but not limited to: No chatspam, no cursing, no advertising.
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