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Accepted Josh's Application

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Josh Fitzpatrick, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Josh Fitzpatrick

    Josh Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member Events Registered

    Date to re-apply was unknown permission by liri given!

    Required Questions:

    What is your in game name and nickname?
    My in game name is Magicball__ and my nickname is Josh.

    How much money have you donated to the server?
    Being totally honest I don't know,Basing it on my ranks I will say around $200

    What is your in game rank (on all servers)?

    Corba,Titan and Empress/Emperor

    How long have you been on CorbaCraft?
    Very long time with a short break around 3-4 years.

    What time zone are you in?

    What time of day do you mostly play?
    (School days) 6pm-10/11pm
    (Non-School days) 1pm-Whenever

    Can you use Slack? (Learn about it /

    Can you use TeamSpeak? (Learn about it /HERE/!)


    Have you ever been jailed, muted, or banned? If so, why?
    Jailed: I wore staff heads like 3 years ago when it was not allowed.
    And griefing in the past!

    Muted: Um speaking spanish without doing /r i forgot /

    Banned: Nope

    Please include a link to your
    LiteBan page (even if you have no record):
    The thread would not work, I will when it works again!

    What reasons do you have for applying to become an Event member?

    My wishes to apply for event member is based on two reasons
    1) As an event staff you are looked up to by players and seen as mature,helpful and kind.
    My wishes are to help people play games in a kind atmosphere and do it in a mature way.
    Making games fun and help hosting them with the higher ups will be fun for both me and players as event wont need to be postponed more often then they are.

    2)Many players/staff have asked me to apply as an event member and doing so I am writing this application for you, it will also help me mature in the real world as I will have many duty's to do.

    3)One reason to accept me is that I'm very active for events and will try my hardest to attend them, accepting me will help me in social skills as I don't really talk to much people and it will also help you guys in many ways such as:
    No longer shortage of event member
    +1 help

    Approving me I'll help me talk to you guys and I feel I am connected to each event member in each way that doesn't consist me fighting with you and can do it in a peaceful manner.

    How can you contribute to the CorbaCrafts Event Team?
    As an event I am guided and told what to do by the event boss/leader who is hosting the event.
    My job will be mainly doing what they ask without any problems. I will help players, find cheaters and help show people how to play the game.

    Do you get along with all players and staff? If not, why?
    In my opinion yes I have had some flaws and arguments with some staff / players, Not everyone is perfect but for the past few weeks I feel that I have been getting along with players/staff.

    Have you ever been (or are currently) staff on another server?
    Yes I was a Mod on another server.

    Do you hold any other position on our server or another server (such as builder)?

    If yes to above, how will you time manage so one doesn't affect the other

    What events have you attended?
    I have attended them all.

    What event would you like to help run? (As event staff, you are required to attend and help out at least one event per week)

    Any event needed but:
    And many more.

    Optional Questions:

    How old are you?
    14 about to turn 15 #Hyped

    What do you do outside of CorbaCraft?

    I attend school, go out with my friends and study as much as possible. XD

    Have you ever had any experience staffing?

    Yes ^^

    What are some examples of you helping out on the CorbaCraft community?
    I try help as much as possible from players questions, too getting staff if there's a spammer/hacker online. Most of the time there are staff there to help us with that so thank you.

    Any other personal information?
    I am from Ireland, 14, Love chocolate and ye I don't know what to put in this.

    Can you attend events at times that we are in need for people?
    I can attend the first events as much as possible the second events it will depend on the days.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2017
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  2. HazelKiwi

    HazelKiwi New Member Registered

    Yas. You are all around the best. Gl boo

    Although I recommend not to apply at 1 am because the amount of typos. was. unbearable. but we gucci because I made you fix them :>
    win this queen <3
  3. gamergirlxo

    gamergirlxo Mod. ABM. Discord. Forums. Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Builder Registered

    I'm not on the events team anymore but I will still give my neutral stance. While you are available during events and that's what the events team needs currently, I still am iffy on your maturity. While event team members aren't technically staff and there's no banning/jailing, etc. needed, event team members, as you stated, are seen as mature and I would personally want to see that maturity develop a bit more. However, I understand that perhaps joining the events team could help with your maturity but that's something that can only play out with time.

    Also, I will touch briefly on another concern I personally have and that goes along with the maturity route and that is....the people you associate yourself with. As I understand it, you are friends currently with an ex event member who was fired (and will remain anonymous) from the team due to irresponsible actions and that plays into my neutral stance as well. I understand you're not that person and you're 2 different people but often times friends will want to help out friends and there's peer pressure and "oh you won't get in trouble, I promise, I won't let that happen" etc.

    In addition my other concern is this other server that you're mod on which I am almost 99.5% sure I know what server it is. While I have no beef with this other server or it's owner, I am quite hesitant when it comes to this other server and the owner and it's still apparent desire to be associated with CC even if that means through mutual players/staff, etc. I guess on top of that my concern would be time and ability to juggle the two - if not now but in the future when the two are able to intersect.

    Again, I'm not on the events team but I was told that my opinion will be considered so with that said, I wish you luck.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
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  4. Josh Fitzpatrick

    Josh Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member Events Registered

    Yep so the time layed out for the 2 servers will be mainly focused on cc as there are many staff on that server which won't be a bother with me attending events at all!
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  5. Bag of Craisins

    Bag of Craisins Well-Known Member Registered

    I've definitely noticed your maturity having greatly improved and at this point I'm willing to accept your application based on your ability to improve so much as well as your attendance at events and dedication to the server and achieving your goals. As for the other server business events only happen once or twice a day (hopefully will be able to have more with the new event server coming B) ) so I don't see too much of a concern with scheduling or your ability to attend.

    Since we really haven't be having a lot of events due to resets and the current development of the event server I haven't been able to see you in them as much as would be preferable but definitely appreciate your behavior at the ones that I have seen you at (thinking pool table Thursday...). For reference we have the possibility to host events (in case Liri hasn't already told you these :p) @8pm and @12am IST Monday, same times on Tuesday, @10pm IST on Thursday, and Mob parties on Saturday which are at 8pm and 12pm as well^ (ofc we're not always able to host these are just possible times). Anyways thanks for applying and good luck!
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  6. LordArbus

    LordArbus Well-Known Member Builder Events Registered


    "Making games fun."
    I feel that our events are already fun, and many applicants use this to fill in space on their applications. So I ask; How do you feel you can "make games fun?"

    Another thing; You failed to address the concerns that Gigi brought up except your schedule status.

    Now for my bias: I feel as if you filled in your application with very general answers, (regarding contribution and time management).

    Yes, your schedule may change but we cannot rely on the may. What if you are needed on the server you moderate but it is also event time? Do you let the event become more important than players on the other server, or do you let players on the other server become more important than the players on Corba Craft? How do you judge what is more important for each specific event time assuming you are needed at the event while player(s) need you on the other server?
  7. Alice [?]

    Alice [?] S̴av͜e ͝me͟ ̀f̴ŕo͡m ̴m̸y̡ mind Staff Member Forums Overseer Moderator Registered

    I just wanted to point out: You couldn't apply for another week, at least, because your application was closed on the 17th of August. However, because you have gotten permission from Liri, it is not auto-closed.

    My stance is negative support and here's why:

    -Not taking no for an answer: When I closed your last event app, let's just say you got VERY testy with me. I stated at the very beginning of said close it was decision made by all three event managers. It was not a decision I made. Yet, you seemed to feel that I was targeting you personally. I also stated that I was not targeting you at all three times in the convo with you. This also brings to my next point-

    -Somewhat lack of maturity: Maybe it's just because I haven't seen you that much in the last month since you previously applied, but I don't see any improvement with behavior.

    -Players you associate with: Bringing up an item stated in gigi's post, I'm hesitant about seeing you have certain powers (such as creative mode or spectator mode) and abusing said powers to help out friends. I'm also slightly concerned with ex-staff/ex-event staff members who you are friends with (as stated by gigi as well). These members left on a bad note and I hope that, if you do get in, that you, please, don't bring up any bad blood between current and ex-members.

    +App is good: The positive thing I like is that you DID put some thought into your application and it's much easier to read than the last one. However, as Arbus stated, try to flesh out some answers, particularly regarding why you wish to be Event Staff as well as how YOU as a person can contribute. Be specific: Why should we pick you, compared to other people? What would YOU, specifically, bring to the table?

    Overall, as I'm not event staff, my comment is only positive or negative support and it does not reflect on how I see you as a person OR your overall acceptance into event team. Also, be aware that my stance may change in coming weeks if I do interact with you more.
  8. Matthias1266

    Matthias1266 Professional pretending to be important Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Builder Events YouTube Registered

    Heya Josh

    Very glad that you're still intrested in helping the team!
    You're really determined to help us it seems. Plus points for determination!

    Also you seem very loved by the community. Also plus points!

    I think you're able to listen and execute the tasks given very well so overall I think you'll be good for the position.

    The only reason why Im not fully approving yet is because of myself. I have been very inactive for our event team and therefor I will just have a look in game before I approve.

    I just felt that I had to post something already while I do this :p

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  9. Josh Fitzpatrick

    Josh Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member Events Registered

    Okay so what I meant by more fun is when I myself play the events and waiting for a player is boring, normally we wait for the round to start or for the events members to get on now if there were one or maybe two more event members we would move faster and events won't have to be postponed am now for most of everyone's reply I've seen that my association with players as GIgi said I'm my own person I have my own conscience. These players don't normally play on corba craft so for the other server what I would like to do is spend my time on the events and if needed on The other sever what I would need to do is To get another staff or ask a player to wait a few minutes. Generally I'm not needed on the other server due to the reason that there are a lot of staff. So basically what I'm trying to say here is that my time,effort and mind will be put in cc.

    Like in cc players have too wait for event members to finish and that is what I will do for the 2 servers also I believe that the server will be closing down for a while (not to sure 79%)
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
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  10. gamergirlxo

    gamergirlxo Mod. ABM. Discord. Forums. Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Builder Registered

    Can you shed some light on this? I'm quite confused by it. Are you talking about "wasting your time on events" on CC or on this other server? It's a huge run on sentence so it's hard to understand but based on context or what I followed it sounded like you think events are a waste of time either on CC or this other server?
  11. Josh Fitzpatrick

    Josh Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member Events Registered

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that I will focus more on cc events, and help make it more faster so players don't have to wait longer if you get me?! Cause like yah know if some events are cancelled cause the boss/leader doesn't have people to help host then I could help be one more person to check out to get me
  12. Josh Fitzpatrick

    Josh Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member Events Registered

    I'm just realised now I put waste my time on events this was an autocorrect XD I ment to say spend my time on events… *mumbles* stupid phone
  13. Calum

    Calum New Member Registered

    I give you my full and utter SUPPORT. You haven't stopped trying for this so if that's not a clear indication for determination I don't know what is! In MY opinion your choice of friends should not effect your chances of getting this so do not give up and keep going till you achieve this position!
  14. Zinoger

    Zinoger Member Registered

    GL dude nice application also :D
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