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    Username: IISmolNerdII but it will get changed to _Small soon
    Corbacraft servers I play on: I play on Lothar, Sophus, and Skyblock. I try to attend as many events as I can, though.

    Gender/Pronouns: I am female and my pronouns are she/her/hers. You can also use they/them if you want.
    Age/Birthday: I am currently 11 years old and was born on November 20th.
    Country: United States of America
    Time zone: EST.
    Building style: I usually build a lot of things, but all of them are horrible. XD
    How you spend your time on Corbacraft: I usually am building, talking to people, just chilling out, or helping people. :)
    Long-term goals: I wish to become a staff member on any servers. I have applied, but I was denied until I change my behavior. I am trying to also improve so I can become a staff on any servers! (Lothar, Sophus, Skyblock, etc.) Any server would be fine. ;3 I also am trying to make a shop and help many people with buying things. :)
    Short-term goals: I wish to at least try to get to 25k on Sophus to make my warp, and when I am completed making the entire warp, I will set it up. After I buy the warp, I don't care if I'm still poor. Lol

    Random but true fun fact about me: I am friends with most staff. (Event and Survival.) Most of the people I am friends with are Helpers, Mods, or Event. I have barely met any C-Mods, T-Helpers, etc. Lol
    Another random fact: The events I enjoy include team trials, spleef (Not all spleef lol), boat race, MobParty, Parkour events, etc. :)
    Sweet fact: I have made so many friends on Corba and never wish to leave. I would never leave unless I had to, or the server shut down (Which I hope never happens). I honestly made too many friends to let go of, and I would never want to make them sad. :)
    Staff I have met include:
    Nova (Survival), Pack (Survival and Event), Josh (event), LordArbus (Event), Liri (Event and Survival), BobJr (Survival) Gigi (Survival, I'm not sure about Event.) Rosy (Event and Survival), Ergology (Admin/Owner), Celtic (Admin), LadyOfTheRose (Admin), Aylin (Survival), Matt (Event and Survival), Lolbroek (Ex-staff), Insane (Survival), Walrus (Event), Stacii (Survival), Hash (Survival), Bree (Survival), Keigo (Survival), Marie (Survival), Nightshade (Survival), Mellow (Survival), and Freya (Survival). I believe that is it. That's a l o t of staff!

    Fun fact: Xx_Ashlie_xX (Ash) Is my twin. xD (Not in real life, in-game. XD)
    Fun fact: I am always tired.
    Fun fact: I am 4'11. I'm short ;-;
    Fun fact: Ash is a quEENNN YASS SLAY
    Fun fact: I am literally very lazy. :)

    That's my introduction, I hope to see you around sometime ;3
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