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    If you have been kicked from the discord, here's the area to appeal said kick. [Bans are 9/10 will be from people who re-join the discord without appeal. The 1/10 will be for those who are perm banned from the server and/or advertising on our discord]

    Discussions will take some time as the Discord Admins will need to discuss whether to unban/allow you to join again. If you have been kicked and your appeal has not been accepted, you will be auto-banned as per our discord rules.

    Current In-game Name:
    Discord Name/Nick:
    Date/Time you were kicked/banned (if you know):
    Are you banned or kicked?:
    If you were kicked, please give reason as for why you were kicked (if given a reason):
    Please state, in your own words, how you will correct behavior related to kick:

    If you were banned, please give reason why you were kicked in first place:
    What actions will you take, in the future, so this doesn’t happen again:

    Have you made attempts outside this post at appealing ban/kick?:
    Explain, in your own words, why you were banned/kicked:
    Any screenshots/additional evidence:
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