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Notice CorbaCrew's Server Wide Build competition!!

Discussion in 'Corba Media' started by Matthias1266, Apr 22, 2018.

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  1. Matthias1266

    Matthias1266 Professional pretending to be important Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Builder Events YouTube Registered

    First of... watch this:

    Second Thanks for 100 subs. And here is how we would like to thank you! :)

    1. Build competition
    2. Theme: Something Devine (Godly, Angelic, Demonic,...) Interpret however you like
    3. After you're done with your build. Give an explanation in a Book & Quill and put it in a chest next to your build.
    Explain your thoughts behind the build and try to sell it to me. (please sign the book)
    4. Prizes:
    1. You will get a spot in a game show CorbaCrew will be hosting in the near future. Still a WIP. (Only if you want)
    2. Your build will be showcased in the CorbaCrew Village
    3. You will get a voucher of 10$ !
    5. The winner will be chosen out of Build Skill and their explanation book
    6. This can be on whatever server you want btw xD (Skyblock, lothar, sophus)

    Deadline is the 23th of may!

    - No creative for those that can (builders/mods)
    - You can work with multiple people, only ONE person can submit and receive the prize
    - You can only submit one build

    How to submit your build

    In game name (only one person):
    Server you build it on:
    Coords or a homeset:
    A random joke to make me laugh while reading through all the submissions :) :) :) :) :

    Good luck and
    And the youtube team

    Is there a recommended size that you would like us to follow?
    No, it can be as big as you want it to be. Let your creativity go wild :)
    Make sure it's finished in time tho ;)

    Submit the build now or when it's finished?
    Once it's finished

    Who will be judging?
    Matthias with the help of the Youtube team probably

    Demonic isnt under the definition of "Devine"
    Well... for this competition it is xD

    Will the judging be different depending on which server the build is made?
    Lothar and Sophus will be judged the same way.
    But extra credit for skyblock builds since it's quite hard to build something there
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
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  2. EnderSlender225

    EnderSlender225 Well-Known Member Registered

    In game name (only one person):EnderSlender225
    Server you build it on: Sophus
    A random joke to make me laugh while reading through all the submissions :) :) :) :) : How Can You Tell A Star Destroyer Is Going to
    a party? It wears a TIE

    p.s the build is relevant to the joke
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
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  3. Finn_The_Hobbit

    Finn_The_Hobbit Well-Known Member Registered

    IGN: Finn_The_Hobbit

    Server: Sophus

    It is west of my homeset /home home, Coords are:
    X: -1903
    Y: 80
    These coords will take you to the book, the main build is outside. Also please note that the Chapel was built by Foxy, not me, and I just included it in part of the story because it fit.

    Joke: (My life)
    I forgot how to use a boomerang today. Then it came back to me.
  4. Matthias1266

    Matthias1266 Professional pretending to be important Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Builder Events YouTube Registered

    Since all questions have been answered rn. I'll be deleting most to make room for the submissions.

    The questions and answers are now listed at the bottom of the original post.
    If you have any more questions please PM them to me.

    That's all rn :D
    Im really excited to see all of your creations and explanations ;)
    Remember, be original! And everyone can join!!! everyone has a chance to win!!! :D Doesnt matter if you're not that great at building. Just go for the heck of it :)

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  5. Kristof8811

    Kristof8811 Active Member Builder Registered

    IGN: Kristof8811 (with a lot of help from MarieFromThere)
    Server: Lothar
    Coordinates: x: -10256, y: 34, z: 762 (teleport you to the starting position)

    The book will be in a shulker box at the build site (prepare yourself because it's one long story so we thought we might include a link to where the story is easier to read, and a special thanks to @MarieFRomThere for coming up with this amazing story around our build)

    Joke: There where two tomatoes crossing this road, see. The first one didn't have any problems about it, all went fine, but the second one got run over by a car. Then the first said to the second, "Come on, Ketchup!"
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
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  6. LB_Firelord

    LB_Firelord Member Registered

    IGN: LB_Firelord
    Server: Sophus
    x: 8983
    y: 110
    z: 16661
    I got some cow puns for ya :}
    why did the cow go across the road? because he wanted to get to the UTTER side
    why are cows bad at being cops? because they refuse to go on STEAK OUTS!
    why are cows bad listeners? because it goes in one ear and out the UTTER!
    ok I'm done XD
  7. lx_Nightshade_xl

    lx_Nightshade_xl Server Helper Staff Member Server Helper Registered

    IGN: lx_Nightshade_xl
    Server: Sophus
    Z 2715
    Joke: Matt have you ever noticed you have a very large forehead, your forehead is 4 pixels down(half) of your head, i only noticed this when i built it XD.
    Real Joke: A man walks into a bar... BANG!! It was an iron bar. XD
    also little vid
  8. Matthias1266

    Matthias1266 Professional pretending to be important Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Builder Events YouTube Registered

    Heya competitors!

    Im taking little sneak peeks here and there and it's looking quite exciting. Cant wait to fully read all your explanations and see all your builds!

    Tomorrow is the last day in which you can submit your builds! I will look at all of these as quickly as possible but as most of you know this is a busy time in most schools. No exception for me. I'll try to announce the winner before the end of next week!
    Thank you for understanding

    Also, if you really cant finish your build in time. Make sure to submit it before this thread closes anyways! You still have time to finish it while I take my time judging the other builds. I work from top to bottom. Altho I dont recommend this ... trick... it is a good last resort ;)

    Good luck!
    And may the jokes be ever in your favor


    I have 6 eyes, 2 mouths and 3 ears. What am I?

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  9. CielNuaJay

    CielNuaJay Well-Known Member Registered

    Good luck to everyone in the competition:p
  10. Zyn

    Zyn New Member Registered

    In game name: Zyny
    Server you build it on: Lothar
    Coords: X=10483/Z=1400

    So you thought Matt (Matthias1266) had numbers in his IGN for no reason? No, you’re wrong.:eek:

    If you number the English alphabet from 1 to 26 and use the numbers 1, 2, 6, 6 to match up the letters you get: 1= A 2= B 6=F 6=F, ABFF; what does this mean? Nothing, just re-position the letters, BAFF is the result. Nothing yet? BAFF is the second part of a bath chemical made for kids (5 and above). Do 1+2+6+6+5 and you get 20. What does this mean? Matthias is 20 and he needs a bath.(jk <3);)


    Good luck
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  11. Josh Fitzpatrick

    Josh Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member Events Registered

    In game name (only one person): MagicBall__

    Server you build it on: Lothar

    Coords or a homeset: 6107 67 7791

    A random joke:

    I thought I’d tell you a good time travel joke – but you didn't like it.
  12. D3vil_Gaming

    D3vil_Gaming New Member Registered

    In game name (only one person): D3vil_Gaming

    Server you build it on: Lothar

    Coords or a homeset: -2669 82 -7255
    A random joke:
    What did the tomato say to the other tomato during a race? Ketchup
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  13. Aylin

    Aylin Moderator Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Registered

    Ingame name: Aylin_CC
    Server: Lothar
    Coords: /tppos -48385 73 23340 (No, not the house you spawn on, just face the east)

    A Random joke: I am not funny so I won't attempt making a joke
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