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    What is your ingame username, and nickname? username: Calamity_CC, nickname: Hydro
    What position are you applying for? Helper
    What timezone do you live and/or work in? GMT / BST
    Can you use Slack? (Learn about it /
    HERE/!) Anything needed to download I can do that
    Can you use TeamSpeak? (Learn about it /
    HERE/!) can download if need be
    Can you use Discord? Yes, I help moderate a server on that
    How much money have you donated to the server? £15
    How long have you been on Corbacraft? 4 years I believe now
    How often are you online on Corbacraft? took a long break but will be on nearly every day due to my laptop being fixed and I am currently building a pc
    Have you ever been jailed, muted, or banned? If so, why? nope
    Please include a link to your liteban page (even if you have no record): apparently its not up yet?
    What reasons do you have for applying to become a staff member? I've been playing for a long time and I think I could help anyone who is in a situation needing help with
    What can you contribute to the team that you can’t as a player? I'm on every afternoon / evening and am willing to help run any activities / events as well as help players with 'glitches' or problems
    Do you get along with all players and staff? If not, why? I've been acquainted with matt for a few years and have no problems with any staff
    Have you ever been (or are currently) a staff on another server? I was a mod on a server a few years back that wasn't too popular that my buddies created but other than that no
    Do you hold any other position on our server or another server (such as builder)? nope
    If yes to above, how will you time manage so one doesn't affect the other?

    Average WPM: 49
    What is your rank on the server? I am a groovy but was a sponsor when that was a thing
    Do I attend work or school? I am on my last year at high school and will being going to college after this year.
    Real age: 16
    What would you consider to be your “mental age”? i'd say probably 18 year old. I like to mess about but I get my head down and do work when needed.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft? since 2010
    What are some examples of you helping in the CC community? I got a cat out of a tree. For real, back like 3 years ago there was a hacker on the server and I direct messaged an admin at the time to tell them and luckily not too much damage was done. ( the admin was on but afk)

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