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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by State_of_Nevada, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. State_of_Nevada

    State_of_Nevada New Member Registered

    Gender/Pronouns: Male

    Age/Birthday: I am 21 years old and My birthday is May 4th, 1996

    Country: USA

    Time zone: EST (Eastern Standard)

    Building style: I don't have a defined style, I do like to plan my buildings a little before I build them. I try to throw a little of everything in my house.

    How you spend your time on Corbacraft: I just started on Philia, but I am building my base (completely underground) and am trying to survive like that.

    Long-term goals: I want to make many memories with my wife :)

    Short-term goals: I would like to get ourselves situated.

    Favorite Color: I like Black and White.

    Favorite food: Steak, but it really changes with my mood.

    Occupation/School: I work At a Car Dealership as a Parts Associate. I graduated with my Bachelors already.

    Cell phone: I have a crappy phone XD

    Relationship Status: Recently Married 7/30/2017

    Outisde of Corba?: I work on some Youtube Videos, Game, Spend time with my wife and Family, and play with my friends.

    Personal Comment: I will happily accept any advice or help for the forums or Cobracraft! :) Thank you!
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  2. celtic762

    celtic762 Administrator Staff Member Admin Server Admin Builder Events YouTube

    Mmmm steak with blue cheese and cracked pepper corns. Welcome to CorbaCraft
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