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    Time for another Forums Announcement! This time I'll be posting some useful info for you as well as a small announcement for our forums!

    Forum News
    Server News - Holiday Events + Voting Contest

    It's that time of year again for Christmas. Ergo is kicking off December with announcing a few christmas events [which will happen a week before christmas] as well as a voting contest. You can win up to $50 or even $20 store voucher. Vote on all sites to try and be the top voter of the month!

    For more info, click here.

    Server News/Update/Reminder - Claims Gone after 30 days + Regen
    Many people have been made unaware of this, so I'm going to be stating this here: After 30 days of being inactive, your claims will disappear. Once they are gone, the land will start to regenerate back to how it was before a build was placed there. This is to save memory on our end and free up land for new players. A good rule of thumb is to log on every 25 days. You do not have to be on for long, maybe less than 5 minutes, but it's best to log onto the server every so often just so your claims don't reset. If there's an issue where you can't be on in 30 days, let a staff know and we will make accommodations for you.

    Forum News - Forums X-Mas Writing Contest
    Are you talented with words? Gifted with stringing multiple sentences together? Submit a piece of writing for our Forums Writing Contest. It doesn't have to be Christmas related or Minecraft related. I want to see all creative writers out there. You can win a $20 voucher and all participants get a custom forum title for a month. For more information, click here.

    Forum News - New Off-Topic Section
    A suggestion was brought up to have an Off-Topic Section...Somewhere where we could just not talk about Minecraft. So, I decided I'd make a trial run of the Off-Topic Section of the forums. There are rules, which will be pinned to the section, which must be followed. If this section gets enough momentum, I will keep this section open. To view the Off-Topic Section, click here.

    Forum Reminders
    1. Less than Five Words/Lack of Content

    This will be the second reminder to everyone: Please post 5 or more words when you post. This does NOT include pictures. Also, if you wish to thank someone or agree, please like their post instead of saying thank you in a separate post.

    2. Please respond in correct area for applying for shop/plot and/or correctly
    Quite a few people are not responding in the appropriate area for applying for a player shop and/or c-city plot. Please be sure you are posting in the sections and underneath the already created thread for them. Please do not make a new thread.

    Also, when you apply for either, please round your coords to nearest whole number [this is easiest by doing block coords instead of xyz coords]. If you're applying for a plot, be sure to give orange wool coords so it's easier for a mod to give plot.

    Forum Work/Advice
    "Life gets easier if you just think about fun stuff!"- 707, from Mystic Messenger Game

    Thread Spotlights - View These Threads for Awesome Information
    Minecraft Story - Participate in the ever growing, hilarious story here
    Skin Contest - Wyn wants an X-Mas skin!
    AFlyingGiraffe's Most Recent Weight Issue! The Full Scoop here~
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    Hey Alice,

    You have done a great thing by making a off-topic section brought up by @elaineandsparky. The thread spotlights are awesome, the Christmas writing contest that you brought up yourself with money out of your own pocket is so cool! Keep up the good work!


    Wouter Aesseloos
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