Corbacraft Network Forum Rules
  1. Do not discuss inappropriate or controversial topics. The Corbacraft Network is aimed towards a general audience, so discussion of adult topics such as pornography, drugs, alcohol, foul language, religion, politics, and race is forbidden.
  2. Do not Harass other members of the forums. Posts intentionally designed to harass, flame, make fun of, or poke at another member's nerves will not be tolerated. Reports must be backed up with evidence, otherwise they will be considered flaming and defamation of character.

  3. Do not argue with other members. The forums are designed to create slow-paced posts with more content. To keep a friendly atmosphere, if you disagree with another member we invite you to take your time with your response and provide an argument backed up with facts rather than opinions.

  4. Do not discuss other Minecraft servers. Even in context to your post, we ask that you do not share the name or IP of Minecraft servers not part of the Corbacraft Network. You may refer to "another server" as long as you do not in any way promote the name or IP.

  5. Do not post sensitive information. To protect your own privacy, we ask that you do not publicly disclose information such as email addresses, phone numbers, full names, or home/work addresses. Less sensitive media like social media accounts, general locations, photos of yourself, or similar items are allowed.

  6. Do not link or reference websites or files which contain malicious content. Content that requests personal information, plagiarizes, or breaks federal law is not permitted. Additionally, all users must take responsibility for clicking links or downloading files. Please report suspicious content immediately.

  7. Do not create spam posts. Posts containing less than 5 words (not including spoilers, quotes, or images) and posts that do not add anything new to a conversation are discouraged. You may use reaction buttons in place of short "I (dis)agree" posts if you cannot contribute more than the bare minimum.

  8. Do not create multiple posts in a row. If you forget to add something to your initial post, you may use the edit function to add in the missing content. Creating multiple posts in a row without response causes needless disorder and notifications.

  9. Do not draw a conversation away from the initial purpose. Communication is encouraged, however responses that intentionally pull attention away from a thread's initial topic or try to advertise other existing threads is not permitted. You are free to create your own thread if you have a similar idea or concern that is not exactly the same.

  10. Do not "bump" threads. If your thread is not getting the attention you need, you may advertise it in the Corbacraft Network's Discord server. If your thread retains to something staff related and has been ignored for several days, you may contact a staff member to request they read through it.

  11. Do not post threads in the wrong location. If you cannot find the exact board for your thread, please create it in the location you feel best suits it. Forum staff will assist in relocating threads if need be.

  12. Do not create threads with confusing or irrelevant titles. Titles such as "STAFF!", ":)", "My suggestion", and so on do not do a great job of advertising what your thread is about. Instead we ask that you use a meaningful and memorable title such as "Largest Dirt Castle in Corbacraft!" or "Suggestion: New Website Layout".

  13. Do not use excessive formatting. Excessive use of “rainbow text”, overly large fonts, emotes, words in all caps, or quoting an entire post will not be tolerated. Use text formatting only as necessary to clarify and emphasize what you are saying.

  14. Do not post inline images that are more than 100kb or wider than 700 pixels. Instead either attach the image, post an inline thumbnail that links to a larger image, or simply provide a link to the image.

Corbacraft Network PVE Survival Rules
  1. No Griefing. Players may not grief/destroy another player’s buildings or property, even if that property is not claimed or protected.

  2. No Stealing. Players may not steal items from another player’s chests, farms, and buildings.

  3. No Hacking. Hacking of any kind is prohibited.

  4. No Spamming. Spamming and Character spam/c-spam (Example: Minecrafttttttttttttt) messages are not allowed in chat.

  5. No Advertising/Recruiting. Advertising another server or messaging others to join a different server is not allowed. Players also may not discuss other servers in main chat either, as this sort of conversation leads to a similar outcome.

  6. No Posting Links in Chat. Links to things from websites and videos to other Minecraft Servers are not allowed in main chat and are restricted in private messaging. This is important to keep players safe from harmful links and content.

  7. Be Respectful, Do Not Harass Others. Please be respectful of other players and refrain from bringing personal arguments onto the server. Harassment will not be tolerated. If a player is being problematic, report them to a staff member.

  8. Do Not Disrespect or Ignore Staff Members. If you are having an issue with a staff member please message an administrator and file a report, otherwise please treat staff with the same respect you should show players. Ignoring staff warnings and instructions may lead to punishments for the player.

  9. No Killing Another Player’s Animals/Pets. Animals/Pets belonging to a player may not be killed by another player. In the case a player leaves a pet (such as a horse, parrot, dog or cat) on another player’s property for more than 24 hours, that pet can be killed. Please ask staff beforehand though, as they can remove the pet for you in most cases. Common or wild animals not specified above as a pet may be killed if they are not in a pen or not within a claim.

  10. No Building Within 50 Blocks of Another Player’s Claim Without their Permission. Because many have plans to build larger buildings or towns on claimed land, this rule is in place to give all players the proper space they require.

  11. No Inappropriate Skins, Names, Written Books, Signs or Builds. This server hosts many younger players and inappropriate content will be immediately removed or censored to maintain a safe atmosphere.

  12. No Inappropriate language. As mentioned in rule 11, many younger players play on the server. Please avoid any explicit or inappropriate language in the main chat. Inappropriate language may be used in private messages as long as it is not used to be hurtful or disrespectful towards that person.

  13. English Only in Main Chat. Because a large part of our players and staff speak mainly English, this will be the only language allowed in the main chat. This rule is to help keep chat appropriate, as staff cannot always tell what someone is saying. You may use other languages in private messages.

  14. No Discussing Problematic or Offensive Topics in Chat. Topics such as politics, religion, drugs, sex, gender and race are discouraged in main chat. If a staff member asks you to take a conversation into private messages, this is the reason. This rule is to help avoid disputes between players and protect those who find the topic upsetting.

  15. No Abusing Server Bugs. If you find a bug or glitch, please report it to the forums or a staff member. Using bugs for personal gain can result in players losing all items and ingame money or worse. Duplicating items is particularly prohibited.

  16. No Abusing the System Using Alt Accounts. Exploiting our system by using excessive alternative accounts is prohibited to maintain fairness between players.

  17. No More than 3 Alternative Accounts per Player. (See rule 16).

  18. Mob Grinders must have On/Off Buttons. To reduce server lag due to mob spawning, when creating a mob grinder players are asked to add a light system to turn off spawning when the player is offline or the grinder is not in use.

  19. Diamonds Must be at Least $100 Each. This rule is to keep our server economy stable and give diamonds and minimal worth. This rule also accounts for diamond items, as all diamond items must be priced at least $100 per diamond included (Example: Diamond boots are crafted using 4 diamonds and must be sold for at least $400).

  20. Repairs Must be $100 per Item. For those who are able to /repair items and armor, each repair must be priced $100 for similar reasons as in rule 19.

  21. No Giving Out Free Money. Distributing money to another player for free is not allowed to retain fairness for all new joining players.

  22. No Posting Overpriced Items on Auction House. Items at or around the maximum price will be removed from the AH as they rarely can be purchased and spam the AH. Items posted at ridiculous prices will be confiscated.

  23. No Lag Machines or Playertraps of Any Kind. Machines and traps for causing excessive lag or killing players are not tolerated and will be removed immediately.

Corbacraft Network PVP Survival Rules

Currently not listed on our website. Please see the ingame rule boards for a list of rules. If you have further questions, please speak with a PVP survival staff member for clarification regarding your issue. We apologize for this inconvenience.