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Our auto reloads were causing the server to crash instead so thats why it isn't around as of late, I think we'd rather the server at least be up instead of down for hours at a time. I'm not 100% sure what was causing the crashes but till the issues with 1.14.2 are resolved we will probably have to stick with manual reloads unfortunately, thanks for sticking it out and being patient with us in the mean time. We'll get it resolved as soon as we can. :)

3 months ago

Creation of a new staff team, and a new staff rank.

Taking into consideration what has happened as of recent (I'm aware of a couple of us who had spent quite a bit of time purely refunding items which we really could have used the extra assistance with) I do believe the server could benefit off of a rank somewhere along the lines of this. I know there are a few players who do not wish to be involved with the social side or be emotionally attached/committed to the community but as you mentioned would like to help on the technical side of things.  


The only issue I really see is the possibility of abuse (which I know is the biggest concern with everyone about this suggestion). I'm sure there could be a way to solve that issue so it does not become problematic, that being said, this is something to be discussed upon the admins and Ergo as it is a huge responsiblity to those who are trusted with these type of commands.


I personally have more to say about the situation but would like to see the opinion of higher ups before anything else happens. If more info, input or suggestions are needed from my side I am definitely not opposed to it. :)

3 months ago

Colors for our Ranks !

As much as I miss the old coloured ranks I agree with Josh. Considering Groovy+ have access to coloured nicks I think that works just fine if players want to express themselves with title/name customizations. :)

4 months ago

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