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lost items due to glitch

I want to apologize for not remembering corrcetly the items that i thought that i had lost. I'll do better on that, because it's important to be correct on things to staff. Because they do so much for us & we & i don't want to lose their trust on & about things. I am VERY SORRY for not be correct.👽

23 days ago

lost items due to glitch

i had went to the end to get dragons breath. i had 70 bottles of dragon breath & tp back home when my internet crashed & when i loged back on i had died losting a full set of ultimate armor, ulti. lucky & siky picks,& ulti. sword.👽

been taken of

23 days ago

Creation of a new staff team, and a new staff rank.

maybe give the helper the ablitiy to do those things & have those that do want to help apply for a helper spot & give modders the ablitiy to restart if need be. 👽 

23 days ago


Friday, Saturday, & Sunday👽

23 days ago

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