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superstar9000 T-Helper Aplication

What is your in-game username, and nickname?

My in-game name is superstar9000 and my nickname is Jaden.

What timezone do you live and/or work in?
Central daylight time (CDT)
Can you use Slack? (Learn about it /HERE/!)
 Yes, I can.
Can you use TeamSpeak? (Learn about it /HERE/!)
 Yes, I can.
Can you use Discord?
 Yes, I use it a lot.
How much money have you donated to the server?
 I spent $65. I am groovy, and I bought 15 ultimate keys.
How long have you been on Corbacraft?
 I've been on for around 4 months now.
How often are you online on Corbacraft?
 Every day I come on.
Have you ever been jailed, muted, or banned? If so, why?
 No, I haven't.
What reasons do you have for applying to become a staff member?
 I really enjoy playing on this server because everyone is nice. I noticed that some of the time when I'm on, people are asking for staff to help them solve a problem. I want to help them, but I have to power to do so.
What can you contribute to the team that you can’t as a player?
 I am a great compromiser. I can solve arguments with both players coming out happy. 
Do you get along with all players and staff? If not, why?
 Yes, I am friendly with everyone else on the server. I don't dislike anyone.
Have you ever been (or are currently) a staff on another server?
 I used to co-own a server with my brother. It was a small server, but most of my brother's friends were not the kindest to me.
Do you hold any other position on our server or another server (such as builder)?
 The only position I hold is Groovy, but I don't think that counts.
If yes to above, how will you time manage so one doesn't affect the other?
Do you work or attend school?
I attend school. I still play on every day when the school day is over.
What would you consider to be your “mental age”?
I would like to think my mental age is around 17-18 years old.
How long have you been playing Minecraft?
I have been playing Minecraft ever since it officially came out, so around 10 years.
What are some examples of you helping in the CC community?
Just yesterday I helped Atom (I don't know his full MC name) test to see if an ultimate pick would benefit his crop output, and it did. Also on that day, I let _FrZn_ use my other pick to break one of his buildings. Before any of that happened on that day I helped another player, I think his name was Jadboy or something, see if his mob system was broken. It wasn't. He just had to be near it, but not too far away. A couple of days earlier I helped _Sneeb get a bunch of skulls of someone. And most importantly of all: I attend Minecraft weddings.
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/shop [player]

I would like to warp to people’s shops without having to /warp shop and walk a round a ton to find it. We dont have acces to the command


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