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cant log into the server

Hello! What version are you currently using? From what I know, MInecraft has updated to 1.14.3 but Corbacraft has yet to update as well, so the "current version" profile on client launchers will not work. This may be your issue, but if not let me know.

1 day ago

Why can't I join?


Could you please provide the team with more information? There is always plenty of issues regarding inability to join, so we're not quite sure what could cause it based off the information you have provided.

What version are you using? What is the error (word for word) that you are getting when trying to join? Have you waited a few minutes before trying to rejoin? (Sometimes the server goes offline for a few moments during reloads).

Please keep in mind your current Minecraft client's version. From what I can tell, 1.14.3 had released, however Corbacraft has yet to update to be compatiable with this version. If you are using "Latest Version", you will need to create a 1.14.2 profile on your launcher.

1 day ago

WhiteGuy99 Ban Appeal

Hey there,

Glad to see you still have an interest in our server despite your punishment. As part of our update to 1.14, the Corbacraft Network has pardoned all prior punishments; this includes your ban. There is no longer a need for you to appeal for your ban in 1.13.2, so feel free to come play on the server.

20 days ago

Allow Visualizing Nearby Claims

I'm not familar with this,..

Well, in a way yes. Are you familiar with how users can right click a block with a stick to see if the block is claimed? It is simply shift-right clicking a block with a stick to see if any blocks in the area are claimed. The plugin already has the capability but mod+ are the only ones with the permission added to their ranks for some reason.

20 days ago

Allow Visualizing Nearby Claims

A simple suggestion for the existing GriefPrevention plugin in Corbacraft: allow players of all ranks to ability to visualize nearby claims. The permission isĀ griefprevention.user.claim.visualize.nearby

I believe that currently only mod+ gets the ability, however I see no harm in implementing it for all users. This permission allows users to shift-right click with a stick, and the borders of all nearby claims as well as a count of the total number of nearby claims appears. I frequently see players complaining about not being able to find an overlapping claim in an area they wish to claim, or not realizing somebody lived underground within 50 blocks of their claim because they don't check every single block in the area. Being able to scan the area with one click would benefit players in a subtle, yet noticeable way.

20 days ago

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