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Night Mode

Hello Chooks,

Night mode is currently something we're already planning on adding, though I'm glad to see it is well-anticipated. There has been a few hitches in the plan for adding this as an option to user settings due to limitations of our forum provider, however rest assured it will be added once we can ensure an efficient method of implementing this feature.



27 days ago

Can't log out of Discord! Help!

Hello! Discord issues like this aren't really in our control; I would suggest sending in a help ticket to Discord directly if you cannot find help here. Alongside this, we'll need more information of your situation to really know what''s going on.


Are you simply having trouble finding the log out button, or are you pressing the button and nothing is happening?


Are you using browser, desktop, or mobile Discord? If you're using browser, have you tried clearing your cache? If you're using mobile or desktop, have you tried uninstalling?

about 1 month ago

Issue joining the server

Hey there!

From what I know, Corbacraft is currently running on 1.14.3, and previous patch versions will not work. Are you sure you're using the correct version?

about 1 month ago

cant log into the server

Hello! What version are you currently using? From what I know, MInecraft has updated to 1.14.3 but Corbacraft has yet to update as well, so the "current version" profile on client launchers will not work. This may be your issue, but if not let me know.

about 1 month ago

Why can't I join?


Could you please provide the team with more information? There is always plenty of issues regarding inability to join, so we're not quite sure what could cause it based off the information you have provided.

What version are you using? What is the error (word for word) that you are getting when trying to join? Have you waited a few minutes before trying to rejoin? (Sometimes the server goes offline for a few moments during reloads).

Please keep in mind your current Minecraft client's version. From what I can tell, 1.14.3 had released, however Corbacraft has yet to update to be compatiable with this version. If you are using "Latest Version", you will need to create a 1.14.2 profile on your launcher.

about 1 month ago

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