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Philia's Vote Crate Item Suggestion

At the moment, I feel like the odds of the crate need to be changed. Well, they don't *have* to be but I feel like changing it can add a bit more fun into the crates, while making them not OP. 

This is a pic of after opening 37 vote keys at a time. I'm suggesting to remove/alter the odds of the common + rare mythicdrops (These are the ones underlined in red) because they're useless. The enchants are pointless on the tools and the tools themselves are wooden/stone/iron which just aren't as useful as diamond tools. 
The iron armour set I don't think should be removed but definitely altered slightly so you can have more of a chance of getting some other stuff as getting the same thing over and over again isn't as fun, especially with it being iron and once you play the game for more than 2 hours - becomes useless. 

Suggestions for the vote crate

One block of mycelium - With Philia's world size being spherical with a radius of 10k blocks a mycelium biome has not been found and we're kind of certain that there isn't one on Philia so it would be nice to obtain the block. 
Two ghast tears - Ghast tears will always be useful and definitely an item to keep hold of and value with the low spawn rates and hard to come by ghasts. 

1 Scute - Honestly this item is pretty useless but if you wanted to counteract the good items I'm suggesting with some less useful items then this is a good item to put in the crate since its new and is relatively hard to get if you don't have turtles. 
1 nautilus Shell - This one would be one of the more rarer items to get in the crate for obvious reasons. Although fishing has been fixed and you can now obtain them from fishing it is still incredibly rare. 

Suggestions for Rare crate
These suggestions might be a little OP but considering in the screenshot I opened 37 crates and only got 1 rare key - as well as you can make these suggestions have a low % it's fine suggesting them.
Remove 4 enchanted apples and replace with 1 god apple. God apples are very hard to come by and 4 enchanted apples are a very crappy thing to get out of the rare crate considering its rarity. 
1 or 3 Wither skeleton skull(s) - 3 would be nice but just having 1 is a big boost to the crate since they're so rare. 

2 mooshroom spawn eggs - For similar reasons as the mycelium it would be cool to have access to these mobs, even though they provide no extra benefit its just something for collectors to get. 

Just some suggestions for the crates since they're a little lack-luster. Open for debate with anyone on Philia who has more ideas. I tried to include a bunch of items which don't provide much use but are nice to get rather than a wooden hoe/iron armour etc. 


14 days ago

Increase View Distance to Improve Mob Spawns (MC Bug)

On Philia its a 72 radius. Spawn rates are drastically low so definitely need a solution to it. 

14 days ago

Cant Login

IP -
Server is currently in 1.14.3 so make sure you're on that. 

19 days ago

Philia's spawn rates

Since the latest update passive & hostile mob spawn rates have decreased from already low pre 1.14.3 to almost non-existent to 1.14.3. Wither farm/Ghast farming is impossible due to the spawn rates and the risk of a nether reset is offputting so no one wants to make more efficient farms since they're huge projects. Because mobs spawned from spawners are also not aggressive towards players making mob spawner farms also become excessively inefficient to make farms because they just clog up the systems. 
Fix please or offer an easier way of supplying these materials because waiting hours just to kill only 27 wither skeletons is way too grindy and just beginning to become unfun.

plz fix ty

20 days ago

Player Vaults

On Philia, we have guild vaults (Max 3 vaults). It's quite OP especially if you're in a one-person guild then you have 3 vaults all to yourself. It's incredibly useful, I use it all the time and it saves so much more time. Also on Philia, we don't have OPOP gear so I guess you can find yourself in a life or death situation and quickly put your items in there quite quickly.
But I do agree - I only ever use it for temporary storage while mining & building. I can fill the vault with shulkers and pretty much have unlimited storage in my inventory. 

24 days ago

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