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NordicWinter's Builder Application

In-game name: NordicWinter - Nick: Nordic

Corbacraft Rank: Corba

Can you use Discord? Yes, as Im currently the Discord Manager

How long have you played on the Corbacraft Network? Around August 2018 with some breaks in between

Have you ever applied for this position before? No, but I did consider it before

Have you ever been jailed, muted, or banned before on any CC server? No, never

Do you have any issues with using another server in order to build and/or learn on? No, I dont have a issue with that

This also correlates with making sure to not talk with anyone else in the server regarding future projects or builds unless directed by the team. Will this be an issue? No, I will keep silent unless told otherwise

Build Showcase: - More a tiny Fun "Build" Dont need all them big fancy things all the time
- I found pandas, Pandas are cool... I removed the jungle... I needed to save the pandas and create a realisticly wall decor to make them feel home... Pandas love bamboo... More bamboo = Happy Panda - Ok little cheaty with Shaders, I wanted a vanilla looking Viking Village, not too fancy, but had the required houses and a Wall to defend from outside mobs - 2 more pics under. - I wanted to make a room that can make you trippy Not 100% my build alone. Im not perfect, I made the House, Windows small deco etc mostly, BUT I am not too good at roofs, so I asked for help... I knew what colors and kind of design I wanted and after the help it looked like I was hoping.

So because of the Lag issues, I have not really manage to build too much just yet so I will throw in a few pictures from 1.13  A Reef I removed, made 3 domes, replanted reef after I changed the sand and Gravel to Red Sand A attempt of a gigantic build in 1.12.. 


2 months ago


You can decrease the ammount you sell of a item down to 1, just choose "Set to 1" (the red glass) The Red and Green glass lets you choose the amount you buy or sell items from 1 to 64... So say you got 13 Stacks + 15 stones and want to sell that... First click Mouse3/middle mouse button to sell the stacks... Then Right Click the Stone in /shop set it to 1, then increase by 10 then add 4 (+1 4 times) :) Hope this can help

2 months ago

Upcoming Events and Updates Change

In Game name: NordicWinter

No plugins or change of plugin needed!

Suggestion: Add 3 Timezones when posting Announcements, Updates or Events - USA, Europe and Asia/Australia

Pros: Easier for players to quickly check the Post and know when it will happen, 

Cons: Need to check up and be sure about those 3 timezones, more to write, more to remember to write

2 months ago

NordicWinter's T-Helper Application

What is your ingame username, and nickname? Username is NordicWinter and nickname is Nord

What timezone do you live and/or work in?

Can you use Slack?
I have used it some, but I am no master at it

Can you use TeamSpeak?
I have used it in the past, but I will need to look it up again

Can you use Discord?
Yes (More about it later)

How much money have you donated to the server?
Im not 100% sure, but it is over 50 USD

How long have you been on Corbacraft?
Since around August 2018

How often are you online on Corbacraft?
I try to be on every day, but sometimes just for a few minutes to see who is online

Have you ever been jailed, muted, or banned? If so, why?
No, I have not been punsished

What reasons do you have for applying to become a staff member?
To be able to help players, make sure players follow the rules and keep chat clean with a little bigger impact than when a player tells it and gets told to stop pretending to be staff!

What can you contribute to the team that you can’t as a player?
As said above bigger impact and easier to make sure players listen and have the opportunity to mute or warn players that dont want to listen to you or other players

Do you get along with all players and staff? If not, why?
Yes, as far I know I do

Have you ever been (or are currently) a staff on another server?
I was a part of a build team on another server for when it launched, but not anymore

Do you hold any other position on our server or another server (such as builder)?
I am currently Head Discord Staff

If yes to above, how will you time manage so one doesn't affect the other?
It will go well, I will also be able to combine the helping of players more than I currently are

What is your rank on the server? Corba

What is your life like outside of the server? Mostly being home and taking some Jobs every now and then when I get contacted

What is your real age? 24

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