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Can unban me please <3
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is the server down?
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what s the server ip?
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01212's Youtuber Application


I got a couple questions for you
I like the video itself, it's clear, it's calm. You're entertaining. I was wondering if there was a reason why the video was scaled so that you couldnt see your inventory. It seems like it was accidently too large and you recorded only part of your screen. 
Aside from that make sure you try out some video editting stuff. I heard you say you wanted to cut something out if you knew how to do that  but you didnt so that leads me to think you havent tried video editting yet?

It's not that difficult to learn (the basics that is) so i'd give that a try meanwhile. 


6 days ago

_ShadowPhoenix's Youtube Application

Heya Shadow

Been working with you so I believe this can work 
Let's give it a try!  

See you on the other side (*cough* Slack)




6 days ago

01212's Youtuber Application


I'm finishing up my exams rn. After that i'll be able to look at your application in further detail and hopefully accept 

Right now I dont have the time yet to reply and if all goes well, train. 

If I havent responded yet on Monday 17th of june, feel free to put a reminder here if you're still interested. 
Same goes for @shadowphoenix


16 days ago

HuntingGround! ~ Feedback Thread

Sorry Aerial xD

Ladies and gentlemen, congratz to Aerial. The winner of the first round For Fun!!! 

But thank you :D 

17 days ago

HuntingGround! ~ Feedback Thread

Heya peeps

HuntingGround was a great succes! Atleast... That's how I experienced it. I think everyone had a blast playing it. Seeing the creativity how some of you took this event to a whole new level was amazing xD

But here is my question, how did you guys experience it?
Did you enjoy? Do you have any comments on how we could improve this event or future events? 
Let us know in the replies

If you wanna relive the full event or if you couldnt be there, watch what all went down. The full stream will stay up on for a couple of days. 

Here are also some pictures of the event: 

The destruction that took place on the first map we had prepared was unreal. The pvp arena burned down, the warp portal taken apart. And some people decided to build a fort ontop of the waiting area

A close-up of the fort build by Tufftony. Sadly this had to suffer the consequences of savage mining as well. 



The Second map also got to meet the bad side of giving players powerful tools. The destruction is even worse than on the first map. No building was left standing by the raging fire Nordic and his crew started. No tree survived the furious axe-wielding players. No chest left unraided and no information board left standing. 

And last but not least, the building that started it all. Tufftony's tiny house where we got to hang out when the ground was getting too hot to mine. 

Destruction and creation. Balanced, as all things should be. 

Thank you for joining the event!
It was amazing, dont forget to leave a comment with your thoughts as well. 


Special thanks to Kristof8811 and ShadowPhoenix in helping build and host the event. Making sure nothing went wrong
Also Congratz to the winners of the 20$ Voucher, Lucy and Tufftony

17 days ago

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