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“You have always been weird, but you are no different”
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hi love minecraft im new on the server i would like to apply

Hello! We request that you follow the correct forum application process.

A smiley face is simply not enough. 


2 days ago

Items lost due to blocks disappearing over void

Thanks for reporting, this has been 

25 days ago


Wait! Is this for real?

Yes actually it is :D, I will be finally giving you an update on what is happening with the event team. We will have them out soon but we have a few problems ahead!

Whats been going on?

Well, the event team and the build team now have been working harder and better together with more communication! We also share a server together and more update will happen on that (/server events)


First if all I would like to apologize for how low it has been but I promise you that we are working as much as possible to bring these events back to life.

So.... what’s this forum post about?

 Ahhh!! We are almost finished, but I would like to allow the player base to help me decide and help the event team decide what days to host the events! 

We however suggest it will be hosted from Friday -> Sunday and maybe more days.

But please write down below! What event days you want from Monday -> Sunday! Please atleast say a max of 3-4 days

Also any questions write down below also! And maybe apply for the event team while your at it! 

25 days ago

Dragon Eggs?

Technically I cannot confirm or deny whether the prizes will hold a dragon egg. But I believe that soon enough there should be atleast 2 in the server :>

28 days ago


This was a simple matter of the spoofing, you have been unbanned from lothar ❤️

about 1 month ago

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