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“You have always been weird, but you are no different”
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Random Ban?

Hello! Your account was banned because I was “spoofed” this means someone else was “somewhat” on your account. It was tied to accounts that were banned aswell when we checked the alt list. We do recommend that you change your password and you have been unbanned. 

8 days ago

Creation of a new staff team, and a new staff rank.

Myself, personally dislike this all together. I have a few points to make!


why not just apply for staff?

Why not just give certain mods the access to reloads?


seems like a helper but extreme


The fact that you added they have socialspy, WorldEdit and access to console just seems like there’s no need to apply for helper? Because helpers get none of that.


In short I don’t like this at all, because it just seems like a mod with console and a few commands taken away? If a player wants to help out in that way they should apply for staff. If ergo likes he can give console or the access to reloads to certain mods (maybe ask rose who should have it). I just don’t think this will work at all? Helper just seems not needed then?. They are basically just a special player with more commands the helpers.

9 days ago

False ban?

You have been unbanned, however in the future please do not make Those “Jokes” while staff are figuring out hacking situations.

10 days ago

Losing my groovy rank

Hello! I will be able to set this in needsdone right now :D thank you for the report on this issue 

12 days ago

Lothar Update: Crates, Shopping District,... (06/08/2019)

Unfortunately since I have not been on because I don’t have a laptop lol. Events were delayed abit. Myself, the admins and the event team are working ASAP. The builders are building and we hope for it to be out soon! Don’t worry :D

18 days ago

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