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lost items due to glitch

This has been dealt with in-game.

23 days ago

Lothar Update 2.0: Quests, Player Warps, Claims,... (07/27/2019)

Hey there CorbaCrafters!

It's been a while since we've had an update introducing new features, so here it finally is, the second BIG lothar update.
In this update we'll be introducing new features to Lothar. Although lothar will be receiving a lot of new and exciting features,
we haven't forgotten the Philians. We've been working on an update, but it's not yet finished.
We have only been able to do this update now, due to the continuous griefing the server was experiencing
and we had a lot of work when fixing the issue that was enabling hackers to grief the server. (more on that here).

This week saturday (27th of july 8 AM EST), the server will be going down for maintenance for a while
so we can add all updates and fine tune things where needed. Besides that we'll also be updating the server version to 1.14.4.
We hope for this version to finally resolve a lot of performance issues the other 1.14 versions are responsible for. 
Below you'll see a list of features that will be added/modified in this update.

  • Quests:
    • These quests will be very similar to the quests we used to have on sophus, so these quests might be familiar to some players already.
    • There will be 2 categories to start off with, one being 'mining' and the other 'farming'. Both quest types will have money as a reward.
    • As we go along we will be releasing more categories, in order to keep things fresh and exciting.
  • Warp Update:
    • Player Warps:
      This has been a feature requested since the very beginning and we're glad to announcePlayers will now be able to purchase a personal warp that they can buy with in-game money without any staff interferance. You will be able to run the command "/pwarp" in order to access anything relating to player warps.
    • New Warps:
      All warps will be reset to new locations. We're mainly doing this so new players can also explore untouched and fresh areas.
  • Claimblock Update:
    • What's the issue?
      After the issues relating to the hacker attacks were resolved, we couldn't recover the claim data linked to every user. This means when people had their claims transferred some people got a negative claimblock balance. This negative claimblock balance will be set to '0' if you were to still have one.
    • How will we get compensated for the lost claimblocks?
      • Anyone who donated for claimblocks will receive the claimblocks they donated for.
      • The price of claimblocks will be halfed (25 CorbaCash per claimblock)
    • Selling your claimblocks
      Before everybody lost their claimblocks we noticed that there were just too many claimblocks in the game. In order to still enable players to do something with their extra claimblocks they have no use for, you will be able to sell your claimblocks by running the command "/sellclaimblocks". You won't be able to sell them to other players, only back to the server for 2.5 CorbaCash per claimblock. In order to also introduce less claimblocks into  the game for free, we'll also be reducing the amount of claimblocks given by the crates.
  • World Resets:
    • Not all worlds will reset only the ones mentioned under this category
    • Both mineworlds will reset (nether mineworld and the normal mineworld)
    • The end will reset due to the seed corruption issue we've been facing (and It'll include a second dragon egg!!!). Beware to anyone who has built a farm/base in the end, be sure to get anything you would like to hang on to BEFORE the end resets.
  • Shopping district expansion:
    The time has finally come. The shopping district is almost entirely filled with shops and it looks amazing. We have decided to expand the shopping district, due to the many requests for a plot in the shopping district.

These are all the new and exciting features we'll be adding to Lothar in the upcoming update. You can expect much more to come in future updates like private worlds, more quest types and more. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to let us know. We're looking forward to seeing you guys in-game and exploring these epic new features we'll be bringing to lothar. 

Keep on Crafting!
- Kris

27 days ago

Town Griefed

Sadly it seems like you and your friends are out of luck. Philia is a server where griefing is allowed so if anything you didn't claim got griefed it won't be refunded/restored.


27 days ago

Hacker Issue + UUID issues Resolved! (+ Lothar world issue)

Indeed it has been fixed as well as we could. It is possible that a few players' info regarding inventories might not have been able to be transferred correctly, this could have happened due to some small mistakes when looking at accoutns that went through a name change. If you contact staff in-game you'll be helped further there,

Thank you for your report.

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