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Global 1.14.3 Update 06/26/2019

Hi there Corbacrafters,

Most of you probably already noticed,mojang has release minecraft 1.14.3. The time
has finally come for Corbacraft too,
to update to 1.14.3, so we too can benefit
from the fixes mojang has implemented in their latest release.
Below you'll
find a short summary of what fixes have been implemented in 1.14.3.

Main relevant features that have been fixed:

  • Endless raids will no longer be set off due to a variety of fixes regarding illagers and the way raids work
  • The too high mob spawn rate has been fixed (this means less mobs will be spawning)
  • Slow and random chunk generation has been fixed
    (if you'd like to see the full list of patch notes feel free to check out the patch notes on the pre-releases pages of the minecraft wiki)

What do these changes mean for Corbacraft?

As you all know we've been having quite a lot of issues regarding server lag, mainly block lag or chunks not generating or not loading in fast enough. We hope that the fixes mojang did, help improve our server's performance so we can provide you a smooth and hopefully more or less lagless experience.

When will we be updating to 1.14.3?

As this is an update to the most recent version of minecraft, we would like to do said update as fast possible this. The update will be done at 6 am EST on the 26th of june. We'd like to update as soon as possible in order to provide an as up to date experience as possible.

We're looking forward to seeing you in 1.14.3!
- Corbacraft Administration

13 hours ago

Rank Reset

Hey CowsAreVeryCute,

Feel free to contact any staff of the rank moderator or higher, they will be able to help you and give you back your claims, homesets, money and inventory. Your rank should be set.

Keep on Crafting!
- Kris

18 days ago

Allow Visualizing Nearby Claims

Consider it done.

I'll include it in saturday's update, I won't add it to the announcement but i'll be also adding a small change-log in our community discord with a few minor modifications that took place besides the major additions mentioned in the announcement.

Keep on Crafting!
- Kris

18 days ago

Lothar Update: Crates, Shopping District,... (06/08/2019)

Hi there fellow CorbaCrafters!
As you all know, we couldn't yet include all features we used to offer after the most recent reset.
This doesn't mean we won't ever be re-introducing all of these features. We will be gradually releasing them with updates,
like this one. This update will add a bunch of features; some new, some old, and some are just changes to how things are
So here we are, the very first update which will be coming out this week saturday (8th of june 3PM EST).
Below you'll see a list of features we'll be adding/changing in this update.

  • 2 extra crates:
    • The Ultimate Crate:
      An even higher tier crate than the legendary crate, which will be able to be opened using keys. These keys will be purchasable through the buycraft/donation store or you will be able to receive them by opening other crates.

    • The Lucky Crate:
      This is a crate where your reward will be mainly dependant on luck and which will have a higer risk. These keys will be purchasable with in-game money (aka CorbaCash) for a hefty price. You'll be able to get great rewards but there's also a risk.

    • Other crates will be slightly modified to increase rarity and have some better items in the crates.

  • /sit:
    This is a feature corbacraft has had for a while and althought it's a small thing, everyone seems to enjoy it. For now, this will only be a feature that is unlocked for donators.

  • armorstand editor:
    This was something that was added for the very first time before. With this plugin you'll be able to make custom armorstands and add cool things like swords appearing to stick in blocks and so much more. You'll be able to edit your armorstand by right clicking an armorstand with a piece of flint. A GUI will pop up that will help you set up your armorstand to your liking.

  • color section in the /shop:
    After having received a few requests, we've decided on adding a color/dye section to the adminshop. You will only be able to buy items from this part of the shop.

  • Auctionhouse bidding:
    Our auctionhouse currently doesn't function like a real auctionhouse but more like a simple shop where everyone can sell anything they for whatever price they like. In order to also offer a bit more of an auctionhouse feel to our auctionhouse we'll be adding the feature for you to bid on items. How will this work?

    • Hold the item you want to put up for bidding in your hand
    • run the command: /ah bid #### (replace the "#" with the price you want the bidding to start at)

    • In order to see all biddings you open the auctionhouse (/ah) and click on the slime ball, in the bottom right corner of the menu.

  • Server hosted shopping district:
    Over the course of the last few days we've seen a lot of players that are willing to start a chestshop in a shopping district. We've notived that this doesn't always go as smoothly as it could go, so we've come to the decision to make a shopping district entirely hosted by the server. How will this work?

    • You will be able to warp to the server's shopping district by using a warp in the "/warps" menu or one of the portals

    • There will be 2 sizes of plots: 16*16 and 32*32 (these were determined by taking a look at the sizes of the current shops)

    • The smaller plots will be purchasable for 10k and the bigger plots will be purchasable for 20k

    • Shops of the people that are already in a shopping district will be moved to the current

    • Everyone is limitted to 1 plot per person
      (At the new shopping district warp there will be a board listing all the rules for the shopping district)

    • Some plots have some special ore veins hidden underneath them

That's about it on all the fancy new things we'll be introducing on the first lothar update. Of course, there's much more to come in later updates, like private worlds and quests. We're looking forward to seeing you guys in-game and exploring these new features we'll have to offer.

Keep on Crafting!

20 days ago

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