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Why can't I join?

Is there somthing wrong with the server orrrr whats up?


about 1 month ago

I lost my rank

I paid $50 for devine. how do i get it back?

2 months ago

I can't join

It keeps telling my connection is lost and i can not join. how ever i can still join other servers.

2 months ago

WhiteGuy99 Ban Appeal

This is my most sensear apology for the controversial things that I said. I was banned quite a while ago and I have used that time to reflect on how disrespectul I was. There is no room for the negativity i brought into the community.  I purchased the $50 donation rank and I should have been a rolemodle to thenew people that join the game. I am wanting a ban apeal so I can prove my self changed and as a better person. I love this server and i hope to be able to play on it again. Thank you for taking your time to read this.



(p.s) i changed my in game name to Glad_G

3 months ago

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