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Price adjustments and economy

Gonna put my .02, yes, although jobs are done here and there, you have to realize that it takes ages to do some of the tasks, as most of them require /fly to make the job as it actually should be.


I have always found making gigantic farms to help, but like I said... /fly is a gigantic help... 

5 days ago

New Website Design
  • Add a favicon
  • Alternative night-mode theme
  • Alternative larger text day & night mode themes
  • Ingame authentication
  • Showing off integrated donator ranks on profile pages
  • Member list
  • Integrated spellcheck in rich text editor
  • Post preview in rich text editor

I hope this answers a bit for you Finn, and anyone else who had similar concerns.



Always a fan of a forums but I think this change is pretty necessary for default- looking at how it looks while I'm typing, I really like it. Even though there were some things that I disagreed with in the old forums, I always found format important, which is something I know can be improved overtime!

Also I really enjoyed reg's post here so I'm just gonna post a bit of the importance :D

2 months ago

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