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Philia Fishing Changes Needed

I agree this is a huge issue I will fix this now. Sadly I didnt think about it before hand.

3 days ago

Store doesn't recognize rank for upgrade

What you can do is buy one groovy and one mvp then I will manually set you to Devine. Just let me know when this is complete so I can properly set your rank. :D

20 days ago

Colors for our Ranks !

Sadly I am kinda like stuck on the way it is the reason being is because my biggest pet peave on the server is a cluttered chat, with that being said I don't think I can change that. Hope you understand!

20 days ago

Allow Visualizing Nearby Claims

I'm not familar with this, is it a command u can use? If so I think thats a great idea!

20 days ago

Philia Update 1.1 (6/22/19) Tiers, PayTime, and Guild Updates

What's going on PhiliaLads!

Fun little update for you all here today. The goal with this update is to jumpstart the economy and get some money rolling around the server. We did this by adding a new feature which will provide players with 50 PhiliaCash every 15 minutes for simply playing on the server. There is a maximum of up to 500 PhiliaCash in a day but it should most deffintley help boost some earnings up there. This was also intedned to be a little reward for those who play on the server often. This is a relativley small update but it is the first one so expect more soon!

Other things added can be found below:

  • You can now set a message of the day for your guild with /guild motd "contents of message"
  • Guild members with master rank+ can use the /guild motd command
  • Get paid 50 PhiliaCash every 15 minutes for playing. (Max of 500 a Day)
  • New "Epic" tier mob drops now in place. These can be found on the following mobs (enderman, pigman, spiders, cave spiders, blaze, and the Ender Dragon.
  • "Epic" tier mob drop added to the rare crate.
23 days ago

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