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meow meow im a cow I said meow meow im a-NO
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In Game name: 01212

Would need to create another mine world.

Suggestion: Make a mineworld for the end.

Pros: Allows players to make bases without reseting,Reduce griefing to end spawn, More shulker boxes,elytras,diamonds,etc.

Cons: Need to make another mineworld and create a warp which will probably be a hassle, reduce the prices of things from the end, more lag from new world because of new chuncks.

14 days ago

18 days ago

Automatic server reload at the top of the hour

We have a reset every four hours but I think It should be reduced to two.


19 days ago

Allow Visualizing Nearby Claims

Yeah that would be a cool thing to have.


20 days ago

New Website Design

I think you also Have to fix the edit button but lemme check

edit: it works

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