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meow meow im a cow I said meow meow im a-NO
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In Game name: 01212

Would need to create another mine world.

Suggestion: Make a mineworld for the end.

Pros: Allows players to make bases without reseting,Reduce griefing to end spawn, More shulker boxes,elytras,diamonds,etc.

Cons: Need to make another mineworld and create a warp which will probably be a hassle, reduce the prices of things from the end, more lag from new world because of new chuncks.

3 months ago

4 months ago

Automatic server reload at the top of the hour

We have a reset every four hours but I think It should be reduced to two.


4 months ago

Allow Visualizing Nearby Claims

Yeah that would be a cool thing to have.


4 months ago

New Website Design

I think you also Have to fix the edit button but lemme check

edit: it works

4 months ago

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