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Lothar [Active town| New members accepted] Corbhaven

 Started by Azeriel

Welcome to this post !
I will maintain it depending on the progress we make, the additions to the levels and rules. Feel free to ask here or in game for an invitation to the Discord server of the town.
If you are here, you are probably sent to read the rules (or want to skip them quickly). Here's how we do things in there :

Rules :

1) Be nice.

2) Help others.

3) Respect people.

4) Do not claim around the town.

5) Do not build on the exterior of the house without asking or it might be removed.

6) You do not have to come in town every day. Sell at your rythm, make money from playing normally.

7) You do though need to decorate a bit your house. (After all, the goal is to have a living city)

8) Do not break the sign with your IGN, job and level.

9) Your job levels cannot be given or sold to another player.

10) Your house and houses upgrades CAN be sold to another player.

11) There can be no refunds once you've sold to the chests in your house.

12) Do not steal or grief.

13) Be active on Corbacraft and in getting your money selling your items. Inactive players might be relocated so that we can maintain a close knit community.

14) Do not claim around the town.

If you're new to the concept, be sure to read the following informations. They explain to you how the town works and what these "jobs" are about.
Mind me, I call them jobs but it is actually you selling materials you gather. So, you can either go on a gathering spree to make the most out of it, choose the rarest and most expensive items to go fast, or simply play normally at your base and sell what you don't use.

How the town works: 




-You can have a room in the inn for free.

-Anyone can sell their item in the market but the chests will only be emptied out twice a day so don’t look for that as your main source of income.

-To get a job, (Wood Cutter, Smelter, Hunter, Farmer, Gatherer, Traveler, Crafter and Miner as of now) you will have to buy a house for $5000. (15k if your bal is over 110k)

-With only the chests of your job, you get on average between (provided you sell) 5.5k and 15k per day.

-Your job will allow you to get 4 single (not double) chests in your house in which you can sell items related to your job. The upside of this is only you sell through these chests so you don’t have to worry about other people maxing out the chests in the market. They will be reset every day (or whenever Az can get to it) and the sales you make will be your salary.

-Upgrades through the tiers will be shown through house upgrades. It will cost money but you will get more chests per tier, new jobs, better prices and more items to sell.

-While upgrading you can choose to gain another job or you can level up your current job and get better prices. The rest of the perks you get and you don't have to use one level just for your house.

-You obviously can sell the items you gather for more to other players. The chests simply guarantee you a steady salary.

-The town will be built by Azeriel and other volunteers. Whereas you might not be allowed to build a full building, you can always participate by helping copy buildings, patterns, or going on missions for the town. 

-You can also choose to get the rank “Mason” in which you will receive building jobs to do for the town. This one does not count as a job, so you can take it and another job upon arriving.



Aside from all that, what is Corbhaven?


Corbhaven is a project I’ve been wanting to see on the Corbacraft server for a while. With your help, it can become the nicest city for us and for new players, as Corbhaven will have farms and fields to help the newcomers that would enjoy a boost in the beginning! If you want to participate or have ideas for the town, don’t hesitate to pm me in-game or here on Discord! 


Feeling interested yet ? Trying to chose your job ? Here is the current list of the items bought by the town, per job. The level 0 is accessible to all at the market. The level 1 are the choices you get when you chose the related job. The price is per stack, unless precised otherwise !



Smelter : 

Lvl 0 :

Cracked stone bricks : 70

Glass : 100

Iron Ingot : 100

Gold Ingot : 200


LvL 1 : Chorus eclaté 10

Bricks : 60

Nether bricks : 60

Dried Kelp : 10


Miner :

LvL 0 :

Cobblestone 50

Lapis 100

Redstone 50

Coal 50


Level 1 :

Iron Ore : 50

Gold Ore : 50

Obsidian : 60


Farmer :


Bonemeal 20

Leather 50

Wheat 50

Cake 10


Lvl 1 : Cooked chicken 60

Feather 30

Melon 60

Pumpkin 50



Crafter : 


Level 0 :

Hopper 400/16

Pistons 320/16

Observer 320

Chests 100


Level 1 :

Repeater 100

Comparator 120

Note block 100

Dispenser 16/240



Traveler :


Level 0 :

Shulker box 5500 /1

End rod 100

Netherrack 15

Quartz 100


Level 1 :

Purpur  30

Endstone 30

Soulsand 30

Ice 10


Gatherer :

Sand 30

Sandstone 50

Gravel 30

Red sand 40


Level 1 :

Ice 10

Fern  50

Podzol 50

Grass : 20




Hunter :

Wither skull : 6666/1

Slime ball 50

Ghast tear 50

Bone 60


Level 1:

Nether Star : 15000/1

Magma cream : 50

Blaze rods : 25


Woodcutter :


All logs : 50


Level 1 :

Leaves : 50

Saplings : 50



Now, you wonder what it gets to level up, or what you'll get ? Here is the list of the available levels. 
Remember that there is 10k more to pay if your bal is over 110k at the moment of you levelling up for every upgrade (not the first house).



Level 1 :

Requirements : 5k

Decorating the interior of the house.


Perks : 4 chests, market price. 

Access to tier 1 items.





Level 2 :

Requirements :  7.5k


Perks :

+5% of the market price (or new job at market price (includes 2 new chests, unlocks tier 0-1 of the items for sale in that job))

+ 8 personnal chests in the market where you sell (your plot)





Level 3 :

Requirements :  7.5k

Having sold at least 2 chests of your job the day you level up.


Perks : + 5% of the market price (or new job at market price)

My Little Pony : Now, you can have your own horse in town. Keep it in your garden or put it safely in a stable while you explore the markets. Or maybe you'll prefer a mule, to help you carry your wares.

House upgrade : You have settled, you're happy there. They've even given you a stable. And a chimney ! Wow ! Maybe it's time to get a real attic with dormers. And you've let the plants grow wild !






Level 4

Requirements : 15k

Having helped with at least one thing in town (show it to someone, help make roads, participate in building walls, gathering, make or help make public farms...)


Perks : + 5% of the market price (or new job at market price)

Get to hang your own sign and your own banner in your street. 

Get a banner pointer on the map at your house and another one at the marketplace.





Level 5 :

Requirements :  20k


Perks : + 5% of the market price on all your items

+10% of the market price on your newly selected SPECIALTY

House upgrade : get a house that reflects your specialty. You're still new in town, but maybe one day you'll have a house worthy of a master ?



Bal over 110k : each level is +10k except the first one.

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