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NOTICE Hacker Issue + UUID issues Resolved! (+ Lothar world issue)

 Started by Kristof8811

Hi there CorbaCrafters,

Over the course of the last few weeks you have all noticed that there have been issues regarding people
feeling the need to grief Corbacraft in whatever way they could, either through handing out stacks of free keys,
destroying the server spawns in the hub, on lothar and on philia, and worst of all destroying bases. We are
glad and relieved to announce that we have finally resolved the issue.

First I'll address the issue of the hackers and why all of our previous precautions didn't work like we intended them to,
and then after that I'll touch up on the server downtime of the last 24 hours.

As you probably saw multiple times, the admins' accounts or other staffs' accounts were taken over by hackers and used to do
all sorts of damage to the server. This doesn't mean that the staffs' accounts have been compromised, they simply tricked the server
into thinking that, they were joining with a staffs account by copying their ID's essentially, this is also known as UUID spoofing.

We knew this and we took all precautions we possibly could in order to avoid this from happening, we added passwords for staff,
we forced people to join through the hub and we even went as far as to entirely reworking the server's firewall. But none of it worked,
which lead to a lot of frustration. So then we decided to start from scratch and look at the very beginning and that's when we found it,
the server was running in offline mode. This means that accounts didn't get verfied through mojang before joining. So anyone could
join the server under any name. The server now runs in online mode and this is no longer possible.

On to the server downtime and the issues people have been experiencing regarding the loss of their items in their
inventories, their ranks, their sethomes,
and a bunch of other stuff:

This issue is related to the server running in offline mode. When a server runs in offline mode it will assign new server specific UUID's
whenever a person joins that hasn't joined under that specific username. Therefor, when someone joined after changing their name,
they lost everything and staff had to get everything sorted out (because the server was running in offline mode).

Now, the server is running in online mode. This means that the server will be using UUID's that have been assigned to your accounts from
mojang. This means whenever you would change your name, the server would recognize that name change and transfer all claims,
items, etc. accordingly. Sadly, when transferring from offline mode to online mode, all data is detached from
your accounts as you receive a new UUID.

So, over the course of the last 24 hours we tried to reattach all that data, that was attached to your previous UUID to your new one.
This is a very delicate and labour intensive job, as we need to look up your old UUID, find your new UUID, locate the file and replace your old UUID with the new one. We did this for a total of 3000 players (on lothar alone) and we managed to recover most of the things that were lost. We managed to recover everyone's homes, balances and ranks. Everyone's claims still exist, they would just need to be
transferred by a staff member. The only things we didn't manage to recover were,
player inventories and their enderchests sadly.

Current progress:

  • Lothar:
    • everything mentioned above has been done
    • currently discussing what to do about the lost inventories and enderchests amongst staff
  • Philia:
    • currently in maintenance mode in order to transfer all mcmmo data
  • Hub:
    • will still need some tweaking like the display of the ranks,...

Recently a new issue has appeared on lothar. From a certain point on the world generates in a different seed.
This means that there's quite a few chunks that have been corrupted and are generating with the new seed. We have considered
the option to reset the map but we have come to the conclusion not to do this as most of the map is still intact. We would
like to apologize to the people who have been affected by this issue, and we will do anything we can to make up
for whatever you may have lost. Sadly this is an issue that we can't do anything about, nor can we revert the damage
that has been done, so expect to see some chunks eventually weirdly generating when exploring the map.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding. I hope this post clarifies most of your
questions and if you have any other questions, comments or suggestions feel free to leave them under this post and we'll try to
answer your questions/concerns as well as we possibly can.

- CorbaCraft Staff Team

By Kristof8811, 3 months agoLast edited: 3 months ago x 2 | x 7

So who is going to give me my 4 shulker boxs, leg silk pick, and leg shovel?

By RagnarrLoobrok, 3 months ago x 2 | x 3

Much love to the staff for all their hard work.

By RockinChaos, 3 months ago x 3

A little update on the state of things:

  • Lothar:
    • all inventories have been restored including enderchests
    • claims can be transferred by mods
    • claimblocks will still be transferred but that will take a while
  • Philia:
    • McMMO stats need to be transferred
    • ranks and balances need to be transferred
    • claimblocks need to be transferred
  • Hub:
    • Ranks would need to be fixed to display like they previously did

By Kristof8811, 3 months ago x 2

This sounds like it was quite a fiasco, I'm glad I wasn't on to see it happen! I remember the last big attack from the hacker "xWave", but this pales in comparison. Kudos to Staff for keeping it all together in the end!

Also, quick question- If I were to log onto the Server right now, would my Rank still be there, or would a Staff member have to set it?


By Finn_The_Hobbit, 3 months ago

It was quite a big issue, but it's finally over and we're working on fixing the last things like mentioned in my last response. If you read the post you'll see it states that ranks have been recovered so that means if you logged in since the server reset and had a rank then you'll have it now.

I'll include some more progress we've made:

  • Philia:
    • Fixed - All ranks on philia have been restored
    • Fixed - All balances on philia have been restored and the player homes
    • Fixed - All inventories and enderchests have been recoverd
    • Fixed - All guilds have been reset as there were too many issues (guild vaults and homes have been saved so contact philia staff in order to recover those)
    • Issue - McMMO stats still need to be transferred
    • Issue - Claims would need to be transferred 
  • Lothar:
    • Issue - we're still looking into recovering claimblocks and claims are still being transferred for players
  • Hub:
    • Fixed - Ranks have been reset and there's now 3 ranks (staff, admin and player) like it used to be


By Kristof8811, 3 months agoLast edited: 3 months ago

I'm glad to announce that we now officially have recovered everything and anything we could recover. There's still a few things that need fixing, but those things will be handled as we go along. By this I'm mainly referring to transferring claims. If there are any issues that are supposed to be fixed as mentioned above feel free to contact any stuff and they'll handle it or forward it through the right channels so another staff member can help you with your issue as soon as possible.

Despite all of our efforts, 1 issue still remains, claimblocks. This is currently being discussed and as soon as we decide on what would be best we will let you know and we'll go from there.

We would like to thank you for all your patience and understanding over the last few weeks and we hope to see you enjoying CorbaCraft again and having fun! The summer holidays have officially started and we have a lot of amazing things planned for the upcoming months, so we hope to see you around and we can't wait to share these amazing projects with you!


By Kristof8811, 3 months ago x 2

its been over a month since this was 'fixed' but I still haven't received my inventory items back

By Captain_Smoke, 2 months ago

Indeed it has been fixed as well as we could. It is possible that a few players' info regarding inventories might not have been able to be transferred correctly, this could have happened due to some small mistakes when looking at accoutns that went through a name change. If you contact staff in-game you'll be helped further there,

Thank you for your report.

By Kristof8811, 2 months ago