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NOTICE Global 1.14.3 Update 06/26/2019

 Started by Kristof8811

Hi there Corbacrafters,

Most of you probably already noticed,mojang has release minecraft 1.14.3. The time
has finally come for Corbacraft too,
to update to 1.14.3, so we too can benefit
from the fixes mojang has implemented in their latest release.
Below you'll
find a short summary of what fixes have been implemented in 1.14.3.

Main relevant features that have been fixed:

  • Endless raids will no longer be set off due to a variety of fixes regarding illagers and the way raids work
  • The too high mob spawn rate has been fixed (this means less mobs will be spawning)
  • Slow and random chunk generation has been fixed
    (if you'd like to see the full list of patch notes feel free to check out the patch notes on the pre-releases pages of the minecraft wiki)

What do these changes mean for Corbacraft?

As you all know we've been having quite a lot of issues regarding server lag, mainly block lag or chunks not generating or not loading in fast enough. We hope that the fixes mojang did, help improve our server's performance so we can provide you a smooth and hopefully more or less lagless experience.

When will we be updating to 1.14.3?

As this is an update to the most recent version of minecraft, we would like to do said update as fast possible this. The update will be done at 6 am EST on the 26th of june. We'd like to update as soon as possible in order to provide an as up to date experience as possible.

We're looking forward to seeing you in 1.14.3!
- Corbacraft Administration

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