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Fun announcement coming tmrw! :D Jul 3, 2018

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Apr 20, 2019 at 12:43 PM
    1. Finn_The_Hobbit
      Hey, can you check out the "Multitude of issues" and "A weekly word from staff." posts please? These threads concern critical problems and a relevant suggestion, which would both benefit greatly from a detailed response!
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      Last time I am going to ask, please stop your mods and helpers from harassing me. Pack and one of his helper friends wont leave me alone
      1. PackTehKartoshka
        Mar 3, 2019
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        Making a report dose nothing. I have been trolled by Mods. greifed. And nobody dose anything about it, ya'll think it's funny well I'm done leave me alone everybody
        Mar 3, 2019
    3. Manu
      awaiting Boom Dude's return ;;''((
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    4. AleaLoobrok
      Sorry to bother you but one of your mods Royal has been harassing me and Ragnarr by placing tnt charges on my claim can you please deal with it ty
      1. Matthias1266
        Hey Alea
        Again, sorry for the issue that happened. Me and ragnarr have spoken about it later on and hopefully resolved the issue.
        If it still isnt resolved feel free to start a conversation with me on here or if you rather have it go directly to Ergo I'll forward it for you.
        Chances are that he wont see this.
        Dec 22, 2018
    5. Tomyris
      It's pretty late to ask but when do you plan on adding a 1.13 world? I'm really anxious to make an underwater city with stuff like glass pod houses and public farms. What do you think about the names Rapture, Aquarius, and Subnautica?
      1. Satyriah
        Ergo will update the server to 1.13 when he thinks it is stable enough with the plugins we use, this is to avoid issues. There has not been decided on when it will be released, because it depends on how fast the plugins we use are stable with 1.13

        The underwater city idea sounds awesome:D
        Jul 23, 2018
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    6. ergology
      Fun announcement coming tmrw! :D
    7. ergology
      I hope to see a bunch of you this Saturday at our Hunger Games Event!
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      3. LB_Firelord
        nah what you got to do you is go to mid spam ctrl and spam click the click button then run as a kangaroo (duh) and then you find a weapon (because I never get weapons in mid) then wait until deathmatch, there you go
        May 31, 2018
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      4. sophie_anne2000
        Looking forward to it! (ill deffo die though!)
        Jun 29, 2018
      5. Finn_The_Hobbit
        Sophie... That Event ended a while ago xD
        Jun 29, 2018
    8. ergology
      Hope to play with a bunch of you once the Lothar update is done :D
      1. gamergirlxo
        Expect lots of derp sneaks....I'll attack when you aren't looking. Okay, maybe not attack...but I'll stare....intensely. :D
        Mar 15, 2018
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    9. Loringo
      The coordinates for the super flat were in the ocean, BTW. Not part of this world!
    10. Loringo
      I am glad for the warps. Thank You!

      My first day I warped go wild.

      II claimed a village in a super flat land there. three dirt to bedrock.

      Could I request of you a book I could buy at spawn to explain warps and oddities like this that go with it. I don't want anything back, just knowledge.

      Thank you.

    11. Elliott
      I lost my Groovy rank when i ranked up to Titan. Pls help me. Also my name is Professor_Chimp.
      1. Josh_
        You need to go into donator ranks! On the forums
        Dec 17, 2017
      2. Alice [?]
        Alice [?]
        Little hard to help with no server. What server was this on (lothar or Sophus)?
        Dec 17, 2017
    12. Teodoro Harmsen Arrarte
      Teodoro Harmsen Arrarte
      Ergo do you remember me? Im Fruity_Hippo btw I use to be a helper back in 2013, i decided to start playing again :)
      1. PreciousMe
        Welcome back!!!
        Nov 4, 2017
    13. Ergology_Jr_CC
      Dearest Uncle Ergo, please don't reset skyblock again, just reset the island levels,
      i dont have the techniques like others do to build a alsome island. please and thank you.
      I have been with you since That Great City of Blue, and your best Buddy GrimmReaper your other Admin....
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    14. Owl
      Does CC have a Teamspeak?
      1. Alice [?]
        Alice [?]
        not a public one, no.
        Sep 19, 2017
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      2. gamergirlxo
        Yeah not a public one. Just for staff.
        Sep 19, 2017
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      3. ergology
        We do have a public discord though :D U can find me on there :D
        Sep 19, 2017
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    15. Bag of Craisins
      Bag of Craisins
      Thanks G just made my heckin day 8)
    16. ergology
      Philia is back up!
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      2. Smol_Nerd
        RIP Philia. T^T May you still be in our hearts. lol
        May 16, 2018
    17. PattonSteel
      public class Ergo{
      int likes;
      int messages;
      int trophyPoints;
      boolean Ergo;

      likes = 272;
      messages = 53;
      trophyPoints = 53;
      Ergo = true;

      if{ Ergo = true
      console.println.out("Ergo is dank");
      Pepe is my savior
      /**pls follow me on forums ;D
      1. Satyriah
        The variables likes, messages and trophyPoints are never used. The else will never be entered and is also invalid. The variablename Ergo does not follow naming conventions. Also, I fail to see which language you use. It looks like Java but it is not judging by the if statement and println command.
        Sep 10, 2017
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      2. PattonSteel
        This is *cough* um PattonScript it's written through a new kind of IDE which doesn't use any sort of naming conventions *clears throat* I wouldnt expect normies to understand it...*cough cough* (Ignore me)
        Sep 10, 2017
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      3. Satyriah
        Oh, next time I would also recommend declaring and initialize variables at once, saves characters:p
        int likes = 272; etc
        Sep 10, 2017
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    18. ergology
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      3. Alice [?]
        Alice [?]
        Sep 9, 2017
      4. Bag of Craisins
        Bag of Craisins
        Sep 10, 2017
      5. AflyingGiraffe
        Oct 3, 2017
    19. Caiy
      Follow me please friend. Owner
    20. ergology
      Philia is back up I am sorry about that.
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      2. gamergirlxo
        it's aight homie.
        Jul 25, 2017
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