Vixeden's Event Application


New member
What is your in-game name and nickname?:
IGN - Vixeden ... Nick - Vix

How long have you been on CorbaCraft?:
Around 4-5 months now.

What time zone are you in?:

Central Time (Missouri time)

What time of day do you mostly play?:

I play Anytime throughout the whole day.

Can you use Discord?:


Can you use a mic for voice chatting, You are require to use a mic to help ensure the events runs as smoothly as possible?:

Yes i am able to use a Mic

Have you ever been jailed,muted or banned? If so, why?:

No i have not

What reason do you have for applying to become an Event Member?:

I want to contribute more to the server, i feel like being a helper is not enough and i want to be here as often as possible to help and do what i can.

Which Event times can you attend?:

Anytime events are fine with me for now, i am free whenever.

How can you contribute to the Event Team?:

I want to help out as much as i can and make sure everything is running smoothly with each event i attend, and be there to help when others on the event team are not able to make it.

What Age are you?

Have you ever been staff on another server?:


Do you hold a position on our server or another server?:

I am a Helper on this current server.

If yes to above, how will you manage your time so one doesn't affect the other?:

I am very flexible with my time and i can manage doing both jobs very easily, i believe i can.

Do you get along with players/staff?:

Yes i do, over the time i have been a Helper so far i believe i have made great friends with most of the other staff members, and have been able to get along with most players as well.

What events have you attended?:

I have been to the Spleef and Pool table events, and also Maze runner, boat races, and probably a few others.

What events would you like help to run?:

i am available to any events that could be assigned to me if accepted. i mainly want to help with the ones that or not usually held like spleef and pool are.