twoply has applied.


New member
What is your in-game name and nickname?: TwoPlyGaming; TwoPly
How long have you been on CorbaCraft?: Since approximately 2017. Perhaps earlier.
What time zone are you in?: EST
What time of day do you mostly play?: 3PM to about 7PM, sometimes 3PM to 5AM depending on the days I work, but I work night shift so it doesn't normally affect daytime schedules. I've got a weird schedule that they just love to change all the time.
Can you use Discord?: Absolutely.
Can you use a mic for voice chatting?: With gusto.
Have you ever been jailed,muted or banned?: No.
What reason do you have for applying to become an Event Member?: I helped out on a couple of the events and had a whale of a time doing it. I would like to contribute to making the lesser-played events more engaging for the players.
Which Event times can you attend?: I can definitely make the 5PM events, and usually the 3PM events, but not all the time. Again, depends on the days I work.
How can you contribute to the Event Team?: My general vibes, building ability, basic redstone knowledge. I want people to have fun during events. Changing things up is important to keeping a game fresh and engaging. There are certainly more complex and, frankly, more impressive ways to do things.
What Age are you? 19.
Have you ever been staff on another server?: No.
Do you hold a position on our server or another server?: Yep, I'm an Architect on the Build Team.
If yes to above, how will you manage your time so one doesn't affect the other?: Due to the close nature and communication with the event team, it shouldn't be a problem. If anything, it would be beneficial.
Do you get along with players/staff?: You know it. I'm not one of those players that argues with staff because the rules are not to my exact specifications or that the server staff structure is not an exact replica of the United States government.
What events have you attended?: The usual stuff. Pool, Orc Race, Boat Race, Sonic... but its more what I helped build. The mesa/cave section of Orc Race, Boat Race, Sonic Racers, Ice Boat Race (jeez, I've done tons of races), Fort Earl, and the upcoming █████████ event.
What events would you like help to run?: Whatever the players want to play at the time. Personally, I'd like to see once-in-a-while events like Hide & Seek, Maze Runner, and Hunger Games run a bit more and I would definitely help out.


New member
Hey Twoply, so sorry for the delayed response on your application. We have reviewed and came to the decision of denying your application. At this time, builders aren't allowed to be on the event team, and Event isn't allowed to be on build team. Along with this, there are no open spots available at this time. Feel free to submit a new application in 30 days at least. Thank you! -Kenz.