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Dec 13, 2019
Hey y'all, the #suggestions-and-feedback channel looks rather messy as some people have been discussing within it when it's really meant for final points but ah well. Here are ones that I found with potential all in one place.
I'm aware some may not be possible at the moment but these are just things to consider and getting player's ideas involved.

  • Suffixes and trails, visual things like that. Purchasable on the buycraft, could have them come with ranks or packages. New ones could come out every week/month for a limited time.
  • Coloured nicks or change the colour of the donator ranks as they are all the same and hard to quickly differentiate.
  • Possibly selling things in the admin shop, I am however aware of the issue of balance. (Still Hacktivision has found a way to make 200k)
  • Even cheaper claim blocks. Not sure, $5 is pretty cheap but $1 or $2 has been mentioned.
  • /sit
  • A "subserver" where minigames are held for those wanting to take a break from survival. Fair enough but the event server is on its way. Maybe some sort of automatic minigame that can be held by players whenever.
  • /heal
  • A donator lounge
  • A sort of tutorial new players can go through. Noticed a lot of players join, run around spawn, then leave. Keep /spawn, this would only be for first-time joiners. Maybe like a tunnel with signs they can go down and emerge at the spawn. Somehow make this one way so other players can't go down it.
That's all I've got. The channel is a mess and hard to pick out actual suggestions out of the random conversations about the colour yellow or purple. Use #suggestion-discussion to talk to each other and then put your final and refined point in #suggestions-and-feedback

Reply with anything I may have missed, add onto something I've said or you're own idea.

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Dec 13, 2019
I appreciate all of these! I will take a look and make changes to the changelog for the additions.