My shop on orion


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Yes. a THREAD dedicated just to my shop!

How to get there:
./server orion, /warp wyn

What do you buy?:
Well right now just all 6 types of logs, stone, cobble, gravel, and sand. But i plan to expand my sell shop over time

What do you sell:
A little of every thing. With 6 floors (and a few subfloors) you can find almost all of your minecraft needs at my shop.

Donation Bin:
There is a donation bin right when you spawn in. You can donate anything you like, but no refunds so be careful.

This is also where you drop any any suggestions. If my prices are too high, if you want to see an item added, if something is out of stock etc. Just throw it in a book and quill and drop it here and ill get to it asap!

Updates and reminders 1:
This weeks weekly mystery item is up so don't forget to grab it!
The nether and end floor have been separated to allow for me to expand my nether floor when we update to 1.16
I added a place for you to sell the above mentioned items to me for cash to the first floor!