MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod?

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Mar 13, 2020
Before I even start talking I just want to say I love corbacraft and its fine how it is and I get how its semi-vanilla but I think mrcrayfish's furniture mod would be a great addition to the server its probably unlikely to happen but I think it should at least be implemented someway into the game, either to a different version of corbacraft or in certain events like Build Battle, maybe just in general. It also would make buildings on the server look way better and better interiors and we would have better ideas for building.

(edit) another cool way u could implement it is through corba+ since a lot of people say is it worth it since the small rewards u get it would be a great expansion to corba+ I mean we already have cool heads like toasters I think it would fit perfectly.
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Dec 15, 2019
This would require people to use modded clients so it's unlikely to be accepted as it's designed to be a semi vanilla server and I think it's unlikely to change from that as younger members of the community would struggle to install the mods. Also while setting up a different version could be possible it would seem odd how their is a separate server that'd be used only for certain events and stuff. But the mod does seem pretty cool.
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Jan 14, 2020
Just an opinion, but if the server ever were to implement a mod for building I think it should be chisel and bits or little tiles purely based on the fact you can make everything mr crayfish furniture mods offers with them and a million other things (if you have the patience). Like ultra said tho I doubt the server will add mods to the server. And the only plugin I can imagine that would allow things remotely close to furniture would be the armour stand plugin.

I do however I agree with you on that it would definitely improve interior design.