KermitTheNugget's Builder Application!


New member
+IGN/in-game name and nick: KermitTheNugget / TheNugNug

+Age: 17 turning 18 in March

+What time zone do you live in?: Central Standard Time

+Corbacraft Rank (on all servers): GrOoVy

+Can you use Discord?: Yep!

+How long have you played on the Corbacraft Network?: I think almost 3 months? I’m very bad with dates. I apologize.

+Have you ever applied for this position before?: Not on this server but on other servers.

+Do you have any experience with World Edit? This is not required but would be an asset. You will be tested on World Edit upon being accepted. I have had a small and I mean tiny bit of experience I know //sphere and //wand but that’s about it.

+Have you ever been jailed, muted, or banned before on any CC server?: I’ve never been in trouble on any Minecraft server.

+Have you ever been (or currently are) a builder on another server?: I was a builder on a small server and I built the lobby but it got destroyed sadly due to a rough staff member and then I’ve helped out with some small servers just here and there years ago though (i don't remember the names sadly)

+Do you hold any other position on our server or another server (such as staff or event)?: nope.

+If yes to the above, how will your time management be so one doesn't affect the other?:

+How much time a week would you say you are online?: 49 hours and lower I'm usually on 6-7 hours a day.

+ Why are you interested in applying for the build team?: I’d love to build a dragon and mystical things at spawn to help entice people onto the server! Or whatever needs to be done! ( i just love dragons)
Strengths and Weaknesses:


- Modern Day Cities / Neighborhoods
- Mystical Creatures
- Terraforming
- Cars


- Modern houses (like futuristic houses)
- Boats
- House Decoration
- Japanese Styled Builds
Pictures: *no world edit was used on any of these*
1-2. Kokiri Village from Ocarina of Time
3. A little Forest and House I created with big bees
4. The Bee Nest inside the Mountain by the Bees
5- 8. A Mountain that is the host of a Dragons Nest I didn't finish the Mama Dragon but I did finish the Nest inside the mountain
9-10. My most recent build on Corba Craft



Kermit is such a sweet person and really really really deserves to be builder. She is not only a good person but a great builder. She makes amazing dragons, cozy interiors, and extravagent buildings like the ones shown. This is only a tad bit of her work on the new server.


Kermit is both the nicest person & best builder on the server. That’s all I’m going to say because I know it speaks levels, at least to me.