Hardcore Survival


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Hardcore Survival
Release Date 5/14/2020 @3 PM EST

Corbacrafters, do I have some exciting shizz nits for y’all!​

We are currently in the process of adding a Hardcore Survival server to Corbacraft. This server is not entirely hardcore, however it what we think to be the best option for Corbacraft. Instead of being banned from the server for life upon your death, you will only be banned for a 7 days. During this time you are still able to play on any of the other Corbacraft servers.

Some things to note about the server:
  • Land claiming works as it does in survival, and voting does provide more claim blocks.
  • PVP is DISABLED and will remain as such
  • There is not a money system however shops will be on the server in a similar fashion they are being used on Alyx.
  • Yes you can team or create groups as big as you would like.
  • There is no /spawn, /tp, or /sethome
  • Donator ranks do not receive any gameplay altering benfits. They do receive /nick, colored chat, colored signs, and similar abilities.

Staff Gameplay:
The staff and myself will be allowed to play on this server. Staff will only be able to mute, ban, and kick. This means if you forget to claim your land, or if someone betrays you, staff will not be able to solve your problem. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure you do not get griefed or betrayed.

This means staff will be able to play and have the complete same gameplay as the players on the server. Myself included.

YouTube Series:
I will be conducting my own series on my YouTube channel featuring the hardcore server. In this series I will be doing a lot of community based activities alongside all of you. More information will be provided upon the release of my first video.

The hardcore sever will track various statistics about the players on the server. The most important of which being the number of days survived. This is something we plan on offering rewards for in the future however we are not 100% sure how we are going to do this at this moment. The goal is to also feature the leaderboards on our website with the various different data points we will be collecting.

The most important things to note about this server is that we are doing our best to keep it vanilla as possible, while still offering features that make the server a bit more exciting and unique. As the time for release comes closer each day I cannot wait to play with all of you on this server!


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Sorry but not much people played the anarchy server and a small server having a hardcore survival probably won’t last too long although I hope I’m proved wrong and I will definitely watch your series!


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I don't know how a server like this will do... but hey it might surprise me!

Edit: Boy it did, this is now my favorite server! ^-^
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