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Feb 13, 2020
I posted on the discord but figured I would copy and past here in case it gets lost in the shuffle.

Id like to make a suggestion based on currency/economy.

Problem: I recently rejoined after a long time away and noticed the paycheck system is severely broken. Ive noticed over a period of several days that players aren't really buying anything because no one has a lot of money, and those that do have money are trying to save it for whatever reason. So that leaves newer or returning players in a bit of a bind. Yes theres voting and the maze/parkour but if you cant parkour or stink at mazes your limited to the vote rewards, which doesnt give you a lot to buy anything even if you vote several days in a row. There isnt an admin shop for selling basic items either. (cobble etc) so making money is extremely difficult without hardcore grinding to open a shop, and then you just have to hope and cross your fingers that someone with enough money will buy from you.

Suggestion: Re introduce the voting crate. Have minimal rewards. some wood, some corbacash, stone tools etc. That way it isnt severely OPD but it can help give the economy a little boost. Along with voting crate maybe bring back donation key crates? Again minimal items to keep it from being too OPD, and the top teir keys would give out items similar to kits. Ie. cheapest keys give things inspired by /kit mvp. Most expensive kit gives out items inspired by /kit corba.
If crate keys arent an option due to plugins and keeping things updated, perhaps reintroduce an admin buy shop. Again cheap prices to keep it from being too OPD. 10$ for a stack of cobble etc.
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