Corbacrafts New Update Protocol


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Dec 13, 2019
Hey hey Corbacrafters!!

I have some rather gnarly news for all of y'all! As some of you may know 1.16 is set to release sometime very soon, with that being said OF COURSE we will be updating to it as soon as possible.

What does this mean for you?
The only thing resetting is the Nether
The overworld will NOT reset however we will be adding an additional world and moving the spawn onto it.

This is going to lay our foundation for the way we do updates in the future. For now on no worlds will be removed until we have made it two updates past its originating update. To clarify
1.15 world (Current) resets when 1.17 comes out
1.16 world (coming soon) resets when 1.18 comes out.

Here is why we are doing this. Obviously with any update that adds new blocks or anything into the world we have to add a new world or increase our border. However I have found when we increase the border, and a new update is released we often find various corrupted chunks. To counter this and provide for a longer map life we have decided to not only double our map life, but also allow players to keep their items throughout the updates. This is something we have been trying to accomplish for a VERY long time, and now because we no longer have the OP crate items this is possible once again.

Side note: Your CorbaCash will transfer as well.

So no worries to anyone that has an awesome base! It will still be there when 1.16 comes!

More gnarly updates coming soon as well. I hope to release a Corbacraft News about this and another feature coming very soon!

- Ergo
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