Corbacraft Server Rules

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This is the complete list, whenever a staff mentions that you shouldnt do something and it isnt specifically listed here. Please do listen. It's probably an interpretation of one of the rules here bellow. If you do not agree, respectfully talk to them about it. Or make a ticket in the discord to talk about it.

  1. No hacked clients or x-ray (This includes auto-clickers).
  2. No c-spam or excessive caps in public chat (Generally: no more than one word per message)
  3. No links in public chat
  4. No swearing, cursing, censoring etc.
  5. Be respectful to all players and staff
  6. No griefing, stealing or scamming.(Overall dont touch what's not yours)
  7. No player traps
  8. No Advertising/Other server talk.
  9. No 0 ticks or exploiting a glitch/bug.
  10. Keep items on the auction house and player shops at reasonable prices.
  11. The command /fix must be done for $100 per item for others.
  12. You may not build or claim within 50 blocks of an existing claim without permission..
  13. No giving away free money.
  14. Only english in main chat
  15. No bypassing your mute
  16. Be appropriate, so no inappropriate skins, builds, signs or names
  17. No ignoring or impersonating staff
  18. No spamming
  19. No Controversial/heavy topics (please use other platforms to discuss these things)
Not open for further replies.