Corba+ Easter Crate (Y1)

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Corba+ Easter Crate Access/Release Date
April 12th @ 4PM EST - April 19th
Do /kit easter anytime while the crate is active to receive your keys.
/kit easter is a one time kit that provides 8 Easter Keys

Happy Easter Everybody!!!

Awhile back Corba+ was announced with the plans to add some unique experiences to the rank. As most of you know we got super busy with various projects that required our immediate attention. Long story short we have the time to finally get some more work done on Corba+.

I am excited to announce the first collectible crate that is exclusive to the Corba+ rank.

Easter Crate” Y1

So let’s quickly break down the collectible crates. Each crate features unique items with varying amounts of rarity. Season specific crates will feature both “seasonal items” and “normal” items. Some examples of seasonal items are below

Note: The “Y1” next to the crate name means “Year One” this means any items in the crate are from the Y1 edition of the collectible crates.

Seasonal Item Examples:
  • “Easter Bunny Egg” - A normal rabbit spawn egg that has been renamed and colored to make it a unique collectible. This renaming/coloring process can not be mimicked in game ensuring the item you receive is truly unique.
  • Bunny Dropping” - I’ll let you find out ;)
Explanation: “Bunny Egg” may have a 5% chance of being in the crate you open, while the “Slappy Fish” has a 20% chance. Point being each item has its own chance of being dropped. Chances can be viewed by hovering the item while it’s in the crate.

How do I get crate keys to open the Easter Crate?
Each Corba+ member will receive 8 keys, using the command /kit easter

Corba+ members have total control of what they do with their keys. This means they can sell them, keep them, collect them, or simply use them. There is NO way to buy these keys aside from having the Corba+ rank.

Note: This is to serve as a test run for our first Corba+ seasonal event/items. We plan to learn from this and run a second seasonal Corba+ feature shortly after. Any suggestions to this should be made in the suggestions section of the forums. With that being said more Corba+ features are in the works!
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