Charity stream poll!

On what day should the charity stream be?

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Heya peeps!
It's been a while since I was able to do one of these and i'll announce it officially in due time but I wanted your opinion on what day I should host it!
It'll probably be hosted in the first week of november. The week of 2 nov-8 nov.

We'll be using a webcam and doing a lot of different things.
Here is what I'm ideally hoping for.
Playing on cc (obv) probably some fun minigames
I'll be playing some guitar too (Not sure if that'll raise money xD)
A q&A
Some Among us if people are interested
A very special quiz ive been wanting to do for years :p
And .... Something a started prepping at the BEGINNING of this summer: A GIVEAWAY of either a shirt or a mug!
Make sure to follow either my instagram or the corbacraft instagram to vote on design/item!!

I'm really trying to plan something really fun, I hope there is gonna be a lot of people to share this with!! More info soon but for now, which day should it be hosted?? Fill in the poll

Not sure if it's international but today is the 21st day of "day against cancer" in Belgium. That's why i'll be looking for a charity that also fights against this aweful dissease. Hopefully we can get a lot of people in on this!
time to throw your starfish back into the sea.
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