50 block build rule: report player YonahArt


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hey guys this is Yish and I decided to come on here and post a little story about whats going on in a little corner of the orion server

so i was told i was reported by YonahArt for building near his yhcity, i had previously discussed with him about buying two plots, he said no i said ok then ill just build nearby. now my thinking is this is a survival server much like other survival servers where you use your magical little gold shovel of love to claim a spot and build what you want. ok so apparently i am wrong. i honestly didnt know there was a 50 block rule which yonahart kept shoving it in my face for about 15mins until finally i moved my build 50 blocks away. which i didnt find it to be a problem. i put up signs just reminding anyone in yhcity that they can not build in that area due to the 50 block rule. i then come on today to get some more dirt for my build, accidentally broke the signs put them back up and then mr beep which i think is yonahs friend came and warned me about putting up signs and being hostile towards yonah. mr beep then told me yonahart reported me and made a ticket (not petty?). i asked beep if i should stop my build, he said no youre not doing anything wrong but kept on about me being reported and the signs. i then asked if i could plant trees there like yonah did, he said no dont do anything there. i said but they planted trees, so why cant i. so thats when i figured hes a friend of yonah and is being biased towards the "report" of my supposed illegal activity. i then said so i can report them for planting trees in this 50 block area then, he then said my report would not be taken serious and that i would looked as being petty.

look if fair is fair which i hope it is in corba, which time after time corba has proven otherwise, which also explains the times ive left for long periods of time, then its just fair that if i cant build or put trees there then no one else can. and if someone reports me i have every right to report them as well. if this isnt a survival claim your build area minecraft server then please let me know that it is not so i can move on to somewhere else and take my builds w me.


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Hi, MRS. Beep here, as I am in fact not a male. You missed the part where I said that neither of you are to be building in those 50 blocks. And again, no I am not friends with Yonah, I don’t know every player that plays on our server.